Thursday, March 6, 2014

tonight's projects!

tonight, i worked on a pic project. chase argues that our house is overrun with pictures, but i disagree. it may seem that way to him because our place is smaller. even then, i still don't even see it. i see pictures of love and memories! i can't afford much in the decorating department and i don't feel like painting and color scheming until we are in a more permanent, owned home. so for now- i decorate with my hand-made crafts and pictures! 
i'm super happy with the way it turned out. 
i think chase will be happy too (when he comes home from work.) and he would be so happy to know that i measured everything and didn't have to make any extra holes in the wall. i get very hammer and nail happy usually! but i wanted to make him proud. 
and i got the frames at DI so that added up to about 6 dollars for all of them! I sketched and wrote the quotes. and i chose my most favorite pictures that have so much meaning to me and had a coupon with walgreens. 
i'm sitting on my bed looking up at the wall and the love of my marriage overwhelms me. i've never felt so sentimental and gushy! i'd say that's a sign of a pic collage success.

i zoomed in for the better shots :)

The photo in the middle is a favorite photo of mine. Chase coming home from his mission was one of the best days of my life. He had been set apart an hour before this was captured. This photo represents so much more to me than just two happy people smiling! I sketched and wrote in that frame above, "Distance means so little when someone means so much!" ha! easy to say now that the waiting for a missionary part is over. And the frame below is a drawing chase drew for me on his last few p-days and presented to me in-person on christmas day (aka five days after he got home!) once again, that drawing is of a picture we took pre-mission that is full of weight. he also wrote the scripture "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also" on the drawing in the corner! he's such a sweetheart.

chase gave me the top collage frame before he left on his mission. 
the bottom pic is during a vacay in DC. awesome family trip and the photo is pretty picturesque.

our first hike up mt. timp. the mountains in utah blow my mind and that picture captures it all.
the bottom picture is of his grandparents and in the drawing/quote above, i sketched and wrote "true love stands by each other on good days and even closer on the bad days"

i hope i can settle down on adding to my walls because i'm running out of space :) 
my house is a little jam packed. but it's cute and condensed in my eyes. it's especially cluttered right now because we went to ikea today and bought our dressers. having no dressers for FOUR months and keeping our clothes organized. that took major patience. but we got a nice tax return back and decided it was time that we could spare some change to buy three ikea dressers. why does ikea give you 500 parts and give you 5 (*3) hours of work! poor chase. he left for work and demanded i not move a thing. and the only reason i listened is because i don't want to be responsible for losing a screw, piece of wood, or any part! and it's so sweet of him to conquer these dressers. and i don't even care because i have dressers coming oh so soon!!! finally!
i am my mother's daughter and this is hard for me to handle! oh the mess!
good thing capri can't crawl yet. 

and to end with this cutie -courtesy of ciara. i love it that ciara comes down to byu for school because she stops by our house multiple times a week. i love being her sister so much.
side note: we were driving home from ikea and chase showed me this pic that ciara posted on instagram.
i said oh that's a freakin' cute baby. who's baby is that?
ope....... good work birthing a stranger apparently. but once i looked at it closer- i could tell it was capri.... sorta. she doesn't look like her typical self to me. maybe i'm crazy.
also, i was driving and focused on the road so i get a pass at not recognizing her right away.
regardless. she's a freakin' cute baby!
And now that i've said "freakin'" three times on this blog post, i must eliminate it from my vocabulary. inapprop.

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