Monday, April 14, 2014

Capri and her entourage

Capri has many friends. We remember the previous post of Landon, her boyfriend. Well here's a post to all her girlfriends! Ladies night!

The girl who has been there for her since birth. Her cousin! Chantelle. Yes she has outgrown her (see feet picture!) But that just means more of her heart for Capri to win over! They play well together. Same age. Different size. 

This is Capri's sister from another mister (and clarity- from another mother as well). Jodi. Same age. Fairly same size. 
We were antique shopping and they were getting heavy. So i opted to sit on the ground and hold them both so annie could shop better. 

This is Jane. Capri looks up to Jane- even though in this pic she is looking down on her. I babysat this cutie while her mamma went to class. Thank heavens graduation is coming up soon for K! Anywho- they had a great morning together and Jane was always following wherever I placed Capri. I can't wait till Capri is mobile! I'll probably regret that statement. These babes. Same size. Different age. 

On Saturday night, Capri got to spend time with her beloved Grandma, cousins, Grandpa, and aunt, while Chase and I went on a triple date to Blue Lemon and the Salt Lake Temple. A session in that temple is like gold to me! Mission memories. Wedding memories. Pioneer memories. 

when Chase has the camera

when Taylor has the camera

 our couples for the night

my date. forever. 

love this guy. XOXOX <-- br="" get="" it="" literally.="">

we had the best evening!

and now to finish off this pic infested blog

the announcement. these two were the cutest of capri.  
my hcg levels were 1390 today so i'm def prego. no more blood tests for me! 6 weeks 4 days.

this cutie is growing up so fast. she sat in the grocery cart like a big girl today for the first time! 
i didn't foresee the prob of her trying to suck on the bar in front of her the whole time (germ city!) but she had a blast and as long as i kept a toy in her hand, we were good! 

her true best girlfriend! happy to hold that position.

and i've been rewatching the office lately..... can you say ARTIE from Glee? hahahah
remember the episode where Michael ordered pizzas and tried to use his coupon. it couldn't be used on multiple pizzas. so he kidnapped and detained the delivery guy! 


Kerri Andersen said...

thank you so much for watching her!! i totally know she is in good hands with you!

Kelly said...

Daryn is sad.