Friday, April 18, 2014

dinner at the park

last night we had dinner at the park. it was a beautiful spring evening.

chase wasn't thrilled of my pic taking wants but voila.
these ducks didn't give a crap about bread or any other treats people were throwing at them. it was quite hilarious. 

i am so happy with how loving and involved chase is as a dad

and we put capri in the swing at the park for the first time. as you can see she LOVED it. we will definitely being doing this as much as possible this summer!

and i really love this pic because she's so excited she looks evil!!! a cute evil.

and this is just for my record keeping- her first low pig-tail hairdo. haha. chase couldn't stop saying how cute it was. i have to agree :)

p.s. still no serious sickness with this second pregnancy yet. it's a miracle. i had already been to the doctor and told to get iv's at the hospital at this point with capri. throwing up 15 times a day last time. haven't thrown up once. i can't believe it. 
i have some nausea and fatigue but if i grab some crackers and sit down- it passes and i can choke it down. 
crossing my fingers. knocking on wood. and praying that this continues. 
i must be having a boy ;) 

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