Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Spring Festival

We had a great Easter weekend. 
I actually had a little breakdown because Chase had to work Sunday so I had Capri solo for three hours at church and she was being a pill. So I really missed a lot of church as I was walking her in the halls. But I was able to have some personal worship and the spirit of Easter was abound! I also had some time to just talk and look at Capri. I don't do that enough! So it wasn't a total loss. 
And p.s. it was a good thing I was asked to give the closing prayer in sacrament (which is the last hour for us.) because otherwise I might have just thrown my hands up and left. 
We also had fun at T&T's with some other friends playing games last night. 

And now....
In the "freakiest American tradition" side of Easter (to quote my British friend.) I will share with you the not so spiritual side of Easter. We also enjoyed that VERY much. 

Saturday we went to the Rock Canyon Spring Festival. Everything was free and there was so much to do. It was the best. 

Pic overload. Ready set go. 

start off with some lovely snap chats to brighten your day. 
scrooge bro and bunny husband.

oh and these beauties of capri. she's always hogging the show.
ps as you can see- her hair can be a challenge (so many calics [sp?])  and that's Chase's fav. 
and when i put in effort- it's still cute and my fav!!

ok now to the festival. we babysat our neighbor Saturday night, so the festival was fun with the kiddos. And our cousin Cody came with and he's our fav. so we were quite the crowd. and had a blast. 

potato sack races. obviously K won.

the three legged race was a struggle, but we completed it!

cute! look at that smile. 

 Never too old to get your pic taken with the Easter Bunny.

or too young
she wasn't too sure about these over sized stuffed animals

hahahah. her face. with the impostor.

the second bird became quite aggressive as she ran up behind K.

she is definitely a Cougar fan like her mamma. sorry, chase.

Chase's race on a lawn mower. He was definitely the winner. 
we also were given free hats. hence.

Pony rides! I thought Capri was too young- she's been doing awesome at sitting up but maybe not quite ready for a pony. K enjoyed it.

i'd say he had a good time with his babysitters!
he loves superheroes! 
 (but, note to self, he doesn't appreciate the word babysitter.) 

a dragon mask for the ferocious K
he got this bc he didn't want his face painted. but he waited patiently while chase took a turn at face painting. hahaha. oh that chase! such a kid at heart.

the adults. but that's debatable.

when we got home we went through our loot and tried not to eat too much candy. and watched Frozen.  Chase got me some great movies "for Easter"! 
The movie ended about 10:15 and i definitely fell asleep by 9:30. i woke up at the end of the movie expecting to see K passed out but no- he was wide awake and stayed up for the whole movie. impressive! he went right to bed after that though and was such a little champ! 

it was an awesome weekend.

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Deirdra said...

Kal'el was talking about it all Sunday. He really enjoyed himself.
Thank you!