Wednesday, April 16, 2014


So I'm about to share with you some paranoia. But just think WHAT IF with me.
So my HCG levels jumped from 30--> 1390 in a little under a week. that's doubling ever 22 hours, which is quick. i charted it on (of course, i did).
I have this weird rash (that looks like ringworms- spreading as i itch. i have stopped itching.) on my back. And it's soooo itchy. (PUPPS?)
I went to the doctor this morning for me bc of this rash and for Capri bc she has had a fever and some (aka a lot of) crankiness since last thursday. So yah, i went at 8 this morning before work.
I asked them of my suspicions from google..... Am I having multiples?
I was told to STOP GOOGLIN'. i know that's good advice and only crazy people go to google and web MD for their symptoms but alas, call me crazy!
They told me to SETTLE DOWN.
Not every woman is spot on with the average and I should GET A HOLD OF MYSELF.

BUT if it quacks like a duck, looks like a ducks, has a rash like a duck, and HCG levels like a duck? is it a duck? GOOD HEAVENS if i have twins........ well why wouldn't i? just bring it on.
hahahah. at this point i'm praying that i have ringworm(s). time will tell.
TMI. you're welcome.

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