Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I'm sitting here at BYU and checking my "baby center" app on my phone at work.
I am having serious deja vu. aka NOT deja vu. this is happening. same place. same time of year. same app. "your baby is the size of a lentil bean." i remember how new all that was a year ago. every friday i'd check. and it happens that my due date lands on a friday again! i was so eager for every little progression. i still am. and i'm still overwhelmed and in awe but in different ways.
it's cracking me up in this empty office (it's the school district's spring break. so a lot of the staff are home with their chillens.)
anywho. i'm feeling a lot better since my last post. i took another blood test this week and the numbers are up up up and it has been confirmed for a fourth time of how pregnant i am. ha! and i've told practically every person i've ran into in person. classic. i'll be fbook announcing it too soon, too. i'm sure. no one is surprised of my openness and impatience.
this pic sums up my weekend and how i came to love all this new chapter holds.
a baby has the need to be loved and never outgrows that. 
well i have a lot of love for baby #2 already!  
(and in this pic chase is driving away from me and cody. we had demanded to get out of the car and snap this pic. the only reason he stopped is bc i was sprinting down the sidewalk yelling "i'm pregnant! you're gonna make you're pregnant wife chase you down." hahaha and he said "it's a good thing you're pregnant." my hero!)

anywho. i have been so lucky to see three of my mish companions this week! crandall, littlejohn, and hansen!! all at different times! they are the sweetest.
yesterday was busy with both jobs but i had a breath of FRESH air because my beloved mission comp and bridesmaid and fav girl HEIDI was in town! she spent the whole afternoon/evening with me at my storage job, we went to zupas, and we obsessed over each other's lives. and ever since we both found out we were pregnant with our firsts, we've been planning their wedding. hence.

capri: "oh my gosh! his hand is on my knee! it's on my knee! what should i do with my hands?"

landon: "let me get that hair out of your face, sweetheart."

both babies: "mom, a little privacy please!"

matchmaker matchmaker, make me a match!

one of the most incredible ppl who was there for me through my best and worst challenges. 
she's moving to austin  next week and next time i'm in houston- i will visit her!

and i'm at work and slacking.
and capri looks like this today. hahahaha.
her daddy, grandma, and aunt's fav outfit. hahaha.
not so much for me- but on that cute body- i can't help but love the look!
can't wait to see her and her daddy in an hour!

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Stacy Richards said...

WHAT?! Congrats crazy girl!