Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lighten the load

Some helpful things that have brightened my week and made my heaviness feel lighter.

Amanda's call and concern.
Graduation dinner celebration with Kerri, Jeff, and Janie.
Kirsten brought me dinner that was homemade chicken makhani! Incredible and now a new fav recipe.
Julie's understanding texts and calls.
Chase has been texting me multiple times a day checking in when he is away. Always appreciated.
Skyping sesh with Mom, Dad, and the Mills.
My sister and her daily contact.
A surprise flower delivery from Mary.

Megan sharing her love in a tender message.
All the comments and support on social media.
Late night phone call with Kina.
Shopping sleep over with Ciara.

Lunch with Kelly, Becca, and Annie.
My electricity went out this evening and it gave me over an hour to just play, read, and sing with Capri.
Chase and his constant effort to relate, comfort, and be by my side.
Scripture study, personal prayer, and family prayer with Capri every night.

There is so much to be grateful for!

And i'm excited that tomorrow is the Sabbath.

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