Monday, April 28, 2014

temple tulips

this weekend we had some beautiful moments at temple square and at chase's great-grandma's viewing and funeral.

a great letter was read from "Tom" (aka President Monson) - her next door neighbor. He really knew and loved her. And Frances was her vt and close close friend. Sweet stories.
And a quote from President Eyring: (1) if we knew how close those on the other side of the veil were, we would be shocked at how involved they are in our lives.  (2) the reunion in heaven when we pass on is one of the greatest parties and joyful moments.
Funerals make you evaluate your life and how you will be remembered.
a lot to be grateful for, be proud of, and improve on.

moral of the weekend:
Families can, are, and will be together forever. 

our perfect little bundle of joy

Chase refused to get his pants wet. 
Capri makes the pic!!

2 years ago we were among these same tulips as bride and groom.
anniv is on saturday!!
I can't wait for our weekend getaway that Chase is planning. much needed aka wanted!
and capri will have a ball with her grandparents!

these beloved grandparents. 
and capri's little grin!! and the matching sisters. 

pictures taken everywhere. 
chase was thrilled. 

aunt ci ci and her girls

chad, kina, charlotte, chantelle

maybe a little temple square sister in the making. i can dream :)

my happy place with my happy people

we are loving spring. 
we are excited chase finishes finals this week. 
and for all our summer has in store. 
and today i started training for a 10 K that i hope i can run June 27. glow stick midnight provo trail run.
slowest 2.5 miles this evening but at least i got out there and jogged it!

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Kerri Andersen said...

aww love the pictures. and I'm proud of you for doing 2.5 miles! that's awesome. the hardest part of running is actually getting up and starting!