Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Two new friends!

So yesterday can give you a glimpse of my two job, mom, busy season (for the storage unit with summer approaching in a college town) kind of day. i woke up at 630 and was go go go until 610 that night. I had a lot of byu work (730am-1pm), storage work (130pm-6pm), house work, baby work, etc. At 615 pm, I woke Capri up from her nap (which I hate to do this week especially bc she's been so fussy and been having fevers and sleep troubles) and I told Chase I wanted to go to Chili's. I had a coupon. He never denies eating out. And I just wanted to relax on a nice little family date.
He said I should get in bed and he'll make dinner. and we could save the money. I was shocked by his refusal/proposal. He said i've been running around too much and running to Chili's was going to tire me out even more. I said okay. But ten minutes later, I still felt like I wanted to go to Chili's. Relaxing in bed- that sounded good in theory but I know Capri is always happier out in public, I wanted a lil reward, and I know at Chili's I wouldn't have to do the dishes and could be served exactly what I crave. \
So it took (no) convincing and we were off to Chili's.
We sat down and waited to be seated. There was really only room for one on the bench, so Capri and I sat as Chase leaned against the wall. This nice lady next to me was staring at Capri (her hair is always a crowd attraction.) So i decided to talk to her.
She was super sweet and it was her first time to Utah.
We were just getting to know each other and sharing the summaries of our lives. Where are you from? How long have you been married? Do you go to school out here? Where do you work? Etc.
She was dropping off her freshman daughter for Spring semester at BYU and I told her we lived at a storage unit. LONG STORY SHORT, i ended up telling her the rates and about the facility. haha. i am such a dedicated employee. She was wondering what she was going to do with her daughters belongings for the next two weeks until she could move in.
Chase had wandered outside at this point, and I told her to give me a call at the office for any more questions. I went to sit out in the nice evening air with Chase and I was telling him about my nice conversation and her worries.
Her daughter doesn't have a car or any family here. They are converts from Connecticut. It was nice to bring some comfort and information to them about BYU. Utah, Provo, etc.
But then Chase took it a step further and suggested we let her store her belongings with us, we can give her a ride when she moves into the dorms in two weeks, help her get settled, and give them our personal cell numbers. That was super sweet and I was glad Chase suggested it because I was thinking the same thing. It's pretty bold and could have been putting our family in a vulnerable position but I talked with this lady for about 30 minutes and we really hit it off. She didn't feel like a stranger and I felt the Spirit when talking with her.
So I went in and made the suggestion. I met her daughter and it was settled. She teared up and said how much this answered her prayers.
She was an answer to mine, too, because i've been praying for service opportunities.
And why shouldn't i help out someone when we have two cars and are very comfortable with Provo and can be like a second family to her daughter, Maddy.
I remember I was super anxious about being in Utah away from my family when I first came to BYU and so grateful my sister and her husband were in Provo to help me find my classes and show me the ropes.
So anyways, we were stoked. Chase and I were then seated to our table and our dinner was great. We had great conversation and talked about our blessings and how great it was we met Kimberly and Maddy. We had a  little hiccup at dinner when Capri (in her highchair- for the first time at a restaurant) leaned down to suck on the table but dropped her head a little to quickly and bonked her forehead on the table (ceramic hard edged table) and got a red bump. But that girl has some serious pain tolerance bc it scared her more than hurt her.
I'm learning a lot with Capri and realizing i need to think more ahead and anticipate her moves and how she could get hurt.
Anyways. we told the waitress we were ready for our check and she came back and said Kimberly had paid it! Oh my!!!! That was soooo nice and we were touched. It was totally unexpected and meeting her was enough of a treat! I text her and thanked her. She replied:

Thank you! I consider our meeting a tender mercy! 
Madison hugged me when we got seated 
because she's so relieved to have a plan and I am too! 
I'll talk to you Thursday! :) 

We'll be seeing them tomorrow and I'm so happy we made a new friend. And we were at the right place at the right time!
Heavenly Father is very aware of us. As we seek Him, our eyes will be open to Him more and more. What a perfect experience for Easter week.


Rick S said...

what a wonderful story and another example of reaching the needs of someone. I hope it all works well tomorrow.

Rick S said...

love your family