Monday, May 26, 2014

a birthday hoopla!

my beloved second goddaughter (some still try to deny this) turned ONE this past weekend and we had a blast at her park, ice-cream, bbq party!
i'm so happy that i can attend kelly's big life events! she's always been one of my bffs. we are thrilled for daryn's first year and her happy birthday party! it's crazy to think that a year ago i got a call at 2 am and drove up to layton as kell went to the hospital!
now we're waiting for becca to have her baby so that kelly can come down to provo and visit with us more!
once again this post has gotten away from me. this is about daryn's party!

enjoying the drive and chat with these babes up to layton! i hope we were at a red light? precious cargo. 2 babies and 1 thirty-nine week fetus.......
daryn's bestest friends ready to sing happy birthday

the birthday girl herself. look at that angel. what a triumphant year.

her helpful sister

a very HAPPY birthday pary

the bday girl and her mamma. 

also-as i end this post. another happy birthday so my older brother. it's garrett's birthday today!! happy memorial birthday!
 oh the years we've enjoyed together!
p.s. proof that capri is my child. twins!

Friday, May 23, 2014

first campout

this summer we plan on getting good at camping. it's a small window with our growing young family. this summer is ideal. i am not pregnant and we don't have a fresh newborn. chase is an experienced camper and loves it. i am not as experienced but after this week's camping trip- i love it!!

OH THE FRESH AIR!!!! it was such an amazing camp-out!

we went up to af canyon and found the most amazing campground. it was #58 (note to future self- bc we want to go there at least once a year for the rest of our lives- aka when we visit fam in utah during the summer.) it was secluded and had the most beautiful river, trees, and mountains! of course that means more chance of bears in the seclusion- but i asked the forest ranger all my questions.
what to do in black bear country?
1. make a LOUD noise and try to be intimidating when you first spot the bear. 
2. but if it still comes at you- pretend to be dead and cover your face and throat. 
3. pray (maybe this should be number one) 
anyways. everyone was making fun of me bc i was constantly paranoid and verbalizing my paranoia of bears- but hey! they were happy we knew the protocol. every bear apparently has different defense approaches. so there you go- for a black bear.
p.s. capri had a sleep over with her cousin preston and her grandparents. (my bear paranoia would have been even more heightened if that delicious scooby snack was with us.) we are so thrilled at how often the grandparents offer to babysit and they love and enjoy their time with capri. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  i can always feel at ease. esp since we didn't have cell service. and i think next time- we'll bring capri and see how it goes! who knows!

anyways. we got up there and it was first-come-first-serve. and out of the 60+ campsites at this campground there were TWO left!!! (memorial day weekend) so we hurried over and checked the two out and picked our fav. which was a gold mine. then chase had to run down the canyon (in his car of course) to get cash! we forgot. but they held the spot for us and said while chase was gone that three families had come up and they had to turn them away. we got there just in time!
just chase, ciara, and me went up at 230 (everyone else came after their workdays). so chase and ciara went down to the real world to get the cash and text everyone else the directions..... so that left ME to guard our camping gear and allow my imagination to go crazy with bear scenarios for over an hour while they were gone. i was quite scared but tried to keep distracted with my book.

then they came back. not soon enough! cody showed up. david and kristy. kailey, tanner, and megan. and we were partying it up! and then sydnee and camden at midnight.... hahah. they scared the daylights out of us when they walked up in the dead of night. but it was still a blast.
setting up camp!

chase found the perfect stump to pee off of into the river.... note to self: do not drink downstream

we played games, had dinner, LOTS of treats, went exploring, had awkward and sexy dance-offs, carved our names in trees, and some other shenanigans.

on one of our explorations- we went straight up this mountain side and it got dangerous. at one point, kailey slid down with her rock avalanche and i got her and dodged the rocks. tanner paved the way but fell many times. i felt a strong sense of bears lurking around every corner. mid hike the sun had set and we had to go down the steep hill in the dark. aka it was crazy but a great memory (since we all are a-okay in the end!)
cousins! hence the sun going down. 
the girlies that took on this hike

we had so many good times and 10+ times i said that i need to put this, this, and that on the blog. but i can't remember what those one-liners or funny episodes were. oh well! there will be a lot more camping stories to come.

the morning!!

we all actually slept awesome that night and the weather was perfect! 
50s at night. 
60s during the day!
 i steam rolled these cuties. 
oh happy day!  i LOVE the fresh mountain air!

it was such a successful first outing and motivates me for the rest of the summer fun!!!


this a random post but all the content is too good not to share!! so bare with the unrelatable pics and videos!

can't wait until the texas fam time in july!!

my life.

she's obsessed with shaking her head when she's tired, to mimmick me, or just because. 

chase told me something bad happened and told me to come quick. 
our wedding cake topper!!!
and he positioned them this way for a dramatic effect. 

a rare moment of capri snuggling. and i kept tipping her so she'd keep her head down. 
walking to the bakery across the street. 

1. my in-laws and i are many peas in one pod
2. capri doesn't stand a chance at being normal

Thursday, May 15, 2014

other's prayers

This article really touched me this morning.
Abortion and Miscarriages

My friend Audrey shared it on facebook and it reminded me of a conversation I had with an old friend last week.
My comment on facebook when she posted this article:
I have thought about this A LOT this month. i was talking to my friend who had an abortion some years back. When she asked me how i was coping with my miscarriage, I felt weird saying how sad i was about the BABY that was in there at 10 weeks. i'm sure her mind has to tell herself that an abortion in the first trimester isn't eliminating a baby. I eventually just changed the subject.

ALSO on this subject: I was super prompted to share my testimony last fast sunday, but I never actually got up in Relief Society or Sacrament. I was too scared of falling apart at the seems and didn't want to face people afterwards. Chase was at work and I was alone with a fussy Capri. I would scar the youth if i talked about a miscarriage at the microphone. I came up with a million excuses. So I'll share here. 

I woke up one day after the miscarriage and there were no tears. I went throughout my day feeling happy and grateful for all I have. I wondered why i wasn't FEELING the pain of my miscarriage. I knew it had happened and it crossed my mind throughout the day. I thought about what happened and how it changed my plans. But the pain and hurt seemed to go away over night. As I thought and prayed throughout the day, I felt the Spirit tell me WHY all the heartache had subsided. I felt the prompting that OTHER'S PRAYERS pulled me out of my dark days. It was an incredible witness. I have had others pray for me in mass numbers before (praying for a healing miracle on my mission). But through this miscarriage, I FELT other's prayers and I KNOW God granted all of them a miracle on my behalf. SO THANK YOU if you prayed for my family during this trial. My testimony is forever changed on the power of praying for others. 

I am so grateful for God's love and the gift of prayer. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

my little one

i'm just sitting here just watching capri play. she doesn't even notice me, and i'm glad i'm just spending the time observing this innocent beautiful one. (well i was observing her before i started blogging.) i'm on the clock at the storage unit and feeling so blessed for this family, my job(s), my baby, and her happy demeanor. i don't even think these pictures do her cuteness justice.

the Spirit is so present in our home and it is my slice of heaven on earth. i feel so grateful. capri's arrival definitely enhances this  life and the ambiance.

and once again- the end of this photo session is her spitting up. it's a routine. i wake her up from her nap. she smiles for the camera. the unsettled milk from her nap shoots out. this time on the couch. good thing it was only $20! bc it's destroyed by this little babe.

i'm so grateful capri plays contently by herself for hours! what a blessing.

p.s. in just three weeks i got my mile down from 13 minutes to 10 minutes. so i think if i keep training until june 27, then that 10k [6.2 miles] could be at about an hour. it feels good! the fam bam walked to a track in our neighborhood last night and chase timed me and walked as i ran. i ran twice as fast as his walk so that motivated me- he has long legs. he also bought me a FitBit bracelet that tracks my steps, pulse, calories, and progress- it's connected to an app on my phone. he's my thoughtful cheerleader!

and i'm babysitting (twins!) till 11 tonight so that will keep me running around. they are 3 and going to be little mothers to capri and i can't wait for the entertainment! i'm sure they'll get their own blogpost. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I first must wish my beautiful mother a Happy Mother's Day! I wish i was there with you and invading your personal space! I MISS YOU!!! I love you and have confidence in my own journey of motherhood because of you, all you've taught me, and your shining example. Thanks for being the best stay-at-home mom, my voice of reason, shoulder to cry on, steady anchor, lovable sweetikins, and dependent friend. I LOVE YOU!

Last night we celebrated with the m-i-l Julie and detailed her car and brought her a card and pics. It was a good night. 
yes i did put lipstick on Capri and Chase. capri is no surprise but i'm shocked at how easily chase put the lipstick on for the card. good times. 
snapchat proof. 

also while at the andersons i found this gem of ciara- i cannot wait to post it on her facebook on her birthday in a couple weeks!!
she never reads my blog so she will be very surprised!
quite a difference from 14 to 19 years old!

this week has been a tiring week and i have no one to blame but myself. you see every night some anderson cousins and/or siblings came over, played games, watched movies, slept over, or something! every night this week we stayed up PAST midnight. which is stupid since we have a baby (who went to sleep at her usual 830 pm but didn't get the memo that chase was still tired at 830 am. that's life!) i had to be at byu at 730 every morning so i was up even earlier. lovely. but at least we made some hilarious memories. 

we are special!

also this week i got a package of SUNSHINE from shelby!! she comes to utah in two weeks p.s.! 
i feel so much love and support from others lately! god puts people in our path at vital moments! 
i am SOOO excited to see shelby and the kiddos. the package was so sweet and a lot of useful/fun goodies. thank you thank you thank you!!

this week also included a funeral for chase's aunt. the night before, annie and i were roped into leading (moi) and playing (annie of course) the opening and closing hymn. and we performed a musical number "Be Still My Soul" just the two of us.
it was actually really amazing & (even though i was so nervous and am not a professional singer), the Spirit was very much present! It was an intimate moment and I'm glad Annie and I could provide the music. 
even if our children were spent by the end of the day- at least they were cranky together :) i love having twinner babies with my friends. 

well back to the title of this post. it's mother's day. capri and i have been napping a lot today. chase is at work- it's poopy but at least mother's day is normally a good money day since lots of the husbands opt out of cooking and take their families to chuck-a-rama. 
i took this pic after one of our many naps. 
but then this happened. 
hahah classic moment of motherhood captured on camera. the pestering mom trying to document everything her first baby does and the baby has her own agenda- she needs to spit up! 
i am so grateful to be this little one's mom! she is perfection in my eyes and she has taught me so much in just the past 7 months (17 if you include pregnancy- which i most definitely do). I am grateful for our past, present, and future. and i love her OHHHHHH SOOOOO MUCH!!! 
I hope all my babies are as good as capri- i can dream ;) 
being a mother is such a gift!!