Monday, May 26, 2014

a birthday hoopla!

my beloved second goddaughter (some still try to deny this) turned ONE this past weekend and we had a blast at her park, ice-cream, bbq party!
i'm so happy that i can attend kelly's big life events! she's always been one of my bffs. we are thrilled for daryn's first year and her happy birthday party! it's crazy to think that a year ago i got a call at 2 am and drove up to layton as kell went to the hospital!
now we're waiting for becca to have her baby so that kelly can come down to provo and visit with us more!
once again this post has gotten away from me. this is about daryn's party!

enjoying the drive and chat with these babes up to layton! i hope we were at a red light? precious cargo. 2 babies and 1 thirty-nine week fetus.......
daryn's bestest friends ready to sing happy birthday

the birthday girl herself. look at that angel. what a triumphant year.

her helpful sister

a very HAPPY birthday pary

the bday girl and her mamma. 

also-as i end this post. another happy birthday so my older brother. it's garrett's birthday today!! happy memorial birthday!
 oh the years we've enjoyed together!
p.s. proof that capri is my child. twins!

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