Friday, May 23, 2014

first campout

this summer we plan on getting good at camping. it's a small window with our growing young family. this summer is ideal. i am not pregnant and we don't have a fresh newborn. chase is an experienced camper and loves it. i am not as experienced but after this week's camping trip- i love it!!

OH THE FRESH AIR!!!! it was such an amazing camp-out!

we went up to af canyon and found the most amazing campground. it was #58 (note to future self- bc we want to go there at least once a year for the rest of our lives- aka when we visit fam in utah during the summer.) it was secluded and had the most beautiful river, trees, and mountains! of course that means more chance of bears in the seclusion- but i asked the forest ranger all my questions.
what to do in black bear country?
1. make a LOUD noise and try to be intimidating when you first spot the bear. 
2. but if it still comes at you- pretend to be dead and cover your face and throat. 
3. pray (maybe this should be number one) 
anyways. everyone was making fun of me bc i was constantly paranoid and verbalizing my paranoia of bears- but hey! they were happy we knew the protocol. every bear apparently has different defense approaches. so there you go- for a black bear.
p.s. capri had a sleep over with her cousin preston and her grandparents. (my bear paranoia would have been even more heightened if that delicious scooby snack was with us.) we are so thrilled at how often the grandparents offer to babysit and they love and enjoy their time with capri. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  i can always feel at ease. esp since we didn't have cell service. and i think next time- we'll bring capri and see how it goes! who knows!

anyways. we got up there and it was first-come-first-serve. and out of the 60+ campsites at this campground there were TWO left!!! (memorial day weekend) so we hurried over and checked the two out and picked our fav. which was a gold mine. then chase had to run down the canyon (in his car of course) to get cash! we forgot. but they held the spot for us and said while chase was gone that three families had come up and they had to turn them away. we got there just in time!
just chase, ciara, and me went up at 230 (everyone else came after their workdays). so chase and ciara went down to the real world to get the cash and text everyone else the directions..... so that left ME to guard our camping gear and allow my imagination to go crazy with bear scenarios for over an hour while they were gone. i was quite scared but tried to keep distracted with my book.

then they came back. not soon enough! cody showed up. david and kristy. kailey, tanner, and megan. and we were partying it up! and then sydnee and camden at midnight.... hahah. they scared the daylights out of us when they walked up in the dead of night. but it was still a blast.
setting up camp!

chase found the perfect stump to pee off of into the river.... note to self: do not drink downstream

we played games, had dinner, LOTS of treats, went exploring, had awkward and sexy dance-offs, carved our names in trees, and some other shenanigans.

on one of our explorations- we went straight up this mountain side and it got dangerous. at one point, kailey slid down with her rock avalanche and i got her and dodged the rocks. tanner paved the way but fell many times. i felt a strong sense of bears lurking around every corner. mid hike the sun had set and we had to go down the steep hill in the dark. aka it was crazy but a great memory (since we all are a-okay in the end!)
cousins! hence the sun going down. 
the girlies that took on this hike

we had so many good times and 10+ times i said that i need to put this, this, and that on the blog. but i can't remember what those one-liners or funny episodes were. oh well! there will be a lot more camping stories to come.

the morning!!

we all actually slept awesome that night and the weather was perfect! 
50s at night. 
60s during the day!
 i steam rolled these cuties. 
oh happy day!  i LOVE the fresh mountain air!

it was such a successful first outing and motivates me for the rest of the summer fun!!!

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