Sunday, May 4, 2014

Homestead Anniversary

Chase set up a little weekend getaway for our anniversary yesterday. Bring on year number three. We were talking about how two years of him on the mission seemed soooo long and two years of marriage has seemed sooo short! I'm grateful for all the years.

Capri spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. She was spoiled and treated like a queen. I didn't have to worry about her for a second because I know how awesome they are with their grandchildren.

So Friday morning, we were up and out the door and the weekend was splendid.

  • Massages (where I learned that I need to go to a chiropractor [but i'm thinking a back doctor to make sure] bc I have two spots on my spine that need to be aligned. two vertebrae are out of line. no massaging would fix it she said. but i believe it because i get tension headaches every single day.and it was hilarious bc chase rolled over about 6 times before the masseuse came back in bc he couldn't remember if she told him to be on his stomach or back. so he's naked and trying to stay covered under this teeny blanket and it was hilarious. obvy had to be there.)
  • Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (Chase was in heaven- it was his first time- and I was one of three girls in there. Definitely a man cave!)
  • Up to the Homestead Resort in Midway for some great Anniversary Time!! (amazing grounds and an elite suite!!! p.s. we need a king size bed asap!)
  • Walked and played games that we made up as we toured the crater, golf course, grounds, gazebos, etc. (I relearned that Chase is my very best friend, we are super weird, and we have so much fun together!)
  • Went to the Spin Cafe for dinner. More walking and talking.
  • Redboxed The Butler (I loved it and have a little more tolerance for Obama as the president now and just thought it was an awesome movie.)
  • Jacuzzi time
  • Free delicious breakfast
  • Checked out and eager to see our little Capri (and i'm eager to work out hard core this week and eat clean bc cupcakes, lindth chocolates, swissrolls, icecream, etc. all weekend. YIKES)
  • Anderson family time- croquet, pizza, and movie night
the morning off to a good start and capri was a sweety for her grandparents

it always takes clicking the camera a thousand times with slightly different head tilts to find my perfect photo. chase is so patient. 

i came out of this bathroom at harmon's and told chase how amazing and luxurious it was. hence i even took a pic to show him. and he was just about to tell me how horrible and clogged the men's was. it's good to be a girl. this time at least.

atop the crater

loved being reunited with this love bug

It was such a splendid anniversary and it was great to get away with Chase!

p.s. I'll end now bc there is a fight going on in my living room against chase and cody. amanda got thrown in for fun. chase insulted amanda bynes (we just watching She's the Man. hilarious!! good times with my sis aka i know every line) and cody is an avid fan and then the illuminati (hahaha) was threatened.
it's a wonder that our friends still keep coming over.

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Shelby Alisa said...

I work for a chiro and I can as her to find a Dr in your area if you would like, chiro is safe and effective and its WELLCARE not sick care! They are all about preventative!