Tuesday, May 13, 2014

my little one

i'm just sitting here just watching capri play. she doesn't even notice me, and i'm glad i'm just spending the time observing this innocent beautiful one. (well i was observing her before i started blogging.) i'm on the clock at the storage unit and feeling so blessed for this family, my job(s), my baby, and her happy demeanor. i don't even think these pictures do her cuteness justice.

the Spirit is so present in our home and it is my slice of heaven on earth. i feel so grateful. capri's arrival definitely enhances this  life and the ambiance.

and once again- the end of this photo session is her spitting up. it's a routine. i wake her up from her nap. she smiles for the camera. the unsettled milk from her nap shoots out. this time on the couch. good thing it was only $20! bc it's destroyed by this little babe.

i'm so grateful capri plays contently by herself for hours! what a blessing.

p.s. in just three weeks i got my mile down from 13 minutes to 10 minutes. so i think if i keep training until june 27, then that 10k [6.2 miles] could be at about an hour. it feels good! the fam bam walked to a track in our neighborhood last night and chase timed me and walked as i ran. i ran twice as fast as his walk so that motivated me- he has long legs. he also bought me a FitBit bracelet that tracks my steps, pulse, calories, and progress- it's connected to an app on my phone. he's my thoughtful cheerleader!

and i'm babysitting (twins!) till 11 tonight so that will keep me running around. they are 3 and going to be little mothers to capri and i can't wait for the entertainment! i'm sure they'll get their own blogpost. 

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