Thursday, May 15, 2014

other's prayers

This article really touched me this morning.
Abortion and Miscarriages

My friend Audrey shared it on facebook and it reminded me of a conversation I had with an old friend last week.
My comment on facebook when she posted this article:
I have thought about this A LOT this month. i was talking to my friend who had an abortion some years back. When she asked me how i was coping with my miscarriage, I felt weird saying how sad i was about the BABY that was in there at 10 weeks. i'm sure her mind has to tell herself that an abortion in the first trimester isn't eliminating a baby. I eventually just changed the subject.

ALSO on this subject: I was super prompted to share my testimony last fast sunday, but I never actually got up in Relief Society or Sacrament. I was too scared of falling apart at the seems and didn't want to face people afterwards. Chase was at work and I was alone with a fussy Capri. I would scar the youth if i talked about a miscarriage at the microphone. I came up with a million excuses. So I'll share here. 

I woke up one day after the miscarriage and there were no tears. I went throughout my day feeling happy and grateful for all I have. I wondered why i wasn't FEELING the pain of my miscarriage. I knew it had happened and it crossed my mind throughout the day. I thought about what happened and how it changed my plans. But the pain and hurt seemed to go away over night. As I thought and prayed throughout the day, I felt the Spirit tell me WHY all the heartache had subsided. I felt the prompting that OTHER'S PRAYERS pulled me out of my dark days. It was an incredible witness. I have had others pray for me in mass numbers before (praying for a healing miracle on my mission). But through this miscarriage, I FELT other's prayers and I KNOW God granted all of them a miracle on my behalf. SO THANK YOU if you prayed for my family during this trial. My testimony is forever changed on the power of praying for others. 

I am so grateful for God's love and the gift of prayer. 

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Rick S said...

so true; we've all been blessed by the prayers of others (known and unknown), gratitude is gracious gift back to God