Sunday, May 11, 2014

our dancing girl

as you can see, capri doesn't stand a chance to be a calm, chill human being. she actually is that way naturally (for now- hence she allows us to mold her any way we please)
but after being raised by us, she'll either resent us or be a full-blown extrovert, social, hyper child! we may regret this in the future but for now- we are just obsessed and thrilled with the little girl she's growing up to be.
sometimes we look at her and we don't see an infant anymore but a miniature toddler! "oh capri! sweet baby!"

what does this teach us? she will forever be traumatized by THAT song. she will learn how to dance at a young age. she has a lot of fun and was born into a pretty awesome family ;) if i do say so myself.

p.s. i'm burning dvds of family videos this week! i've organized the folders and have SOOO many videos from 2009-2014!!! hilarious and it will be so treasured! looking back and watching family videos are the best!

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