Friday, May 23, 2014


this a random post but all the content is too good not to share!! so bare with the unrelatable pics and videos!

can't wait until the texas fam time in july!!

my life.

she's obsessed with shaking her head when she's tired, to mimmick me, or just because. 

chase told me something bad happened and told me to come quick. 
our wedding cake topper!!!
and he positioned them this way for a dramatic effect. 

a rare moment of capri snuggling. and i kept tipping her so she'd keep her head down. 
walking to the bakery across the street. 

1. my in-laws and i are many peas in one pod
2. capri doesn't stand a chance at being normal

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Rick S said...

to your comment #2, we do pray for your family everyday...maybe we'll make that double for Capri to learn and not absorb it all! Great Anderson fun place for sure