Saturday, June 28, 2014

Elder Grant Schroedter

A week from now I will be hiking Mt. Timp with the texas fam and others! They are coming in town to drop Grant off at the MTC and for a Ross reunion. I am going to miss Grant so much and am so excited for his two year mish to Madagascar to begin! Oh the stories and souls he will love!
Anywho- I am getting him pic frames together for his journey and I made one of Capri especially for him. She wasn't as cooperative today as she normally is during her photo shoots. But they were still cute!
The whiteboard sitting scene is now her signature look.
How this one was specifically dedicated to Uncle Grant:
White board message, Africa map, BYU fashion style (aka Grant's style), missionary badge, scriptures
if i'm being honest this is how most of the photo shoot went. 
this and her grabbing and smearing the white board. hahah. 
i was getting TOO frustrating. she's just a baby. and i am too controlling. 
let's just pretend she is praying.

she's always clapping

this one would have been ideal if she woulda done her cheesy big smile!

like i said. always clapping. 

Grant's fav aka what will be in the pic frame

Thursday, June 26, 2014

sick baby

Last Friday night Capri started puking everywhere. Oh it was horrifying and so sad. It reminded me of my pregnancy sickness. Throwing up so much you can't get in a breath and it's just repulsive. 
That first Friday night, she woke up every 45 minutes from 9 pm-7 am choking on her vomit. So i'd sprint in there and wake her up and get her vertical. so that was fun. And all she wanted to do was cuddle, and i would try to turn her away to vomit on the tile or the towel so her vomit wouldn't get on me. But she just wanted to hold me tight around the neck and just end up vomiting down my shirt. Lovely. But if it made her feel better even the slightest- i didn't mind. 
The good news is is that she hasn't thrown up since Tuesday and I gave her 2 oz. of formula this morning to test the water and she kept it down so i hope that means it's over. 
We took a lot of baths this week- which she was in heaven with- and she needed lots of cuddles-which isn't normally her style. 
Her diet has been applesauce, bananas, rice cereal, bread, and pedialyte. I swear she's lost weight but what could I do?!
This poor baby has been sick for almost a month!
3 weeks of a runny nose, cough, and cold.
2 weeks (overlapped one week with the cold) of a double ear infection.
1 week of vomiting.
3 different sicknesses that covered a month's time. Poor baby. Poor parents. But mainly poor baby. 
maybe she kept throwing up so i would give her more baths. sneaky baby.

since i've been working both shifts at the storage unit for D's maternity leave and Capri would cry when i wasn't holding her and i was a sucker for her whining bc i knew she was just miserable and sick- i had to resort to holding her like this most of the day bc my arms were sore. ha! i felt like i was pregnant with all her weight in front of me and tottering around showing people units and what not. i need to hit the gym harder obvy. 

funny man

this morning, chase got up with capri and let me sleep a few minutes longer.
then, i woke up and got ready for work. i'm guessing his jokes came from sleep deprivation. but nevertheless, he was cracking me up.

(1) Chase sings, "This is the song that never ends and it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing..... Help! I can't stop...... it, not knowing what it was..... Capri help me!!!......." and he kept doing this little skit over and over again.

(2) I sprayed him with my perfume as I was getting ready, and he turns to me in the most serious voice, "You did not just perfume me, did you? You know, Marissa, I've murdered people for a lot less." OPE! That took a turn.

(3) He attacks and wrestles me. Capri starts laughing from her high chair. I guess she knew we were joking.

Capri has been laughing a lot lately actually.  (even though she's been sick. see next post)
and she has new tricks.
-Saying hi and waving
-Covering her eyes when I say "Where's Capri? Peek-a-boo!"
-Blowing kisses
-She has two bottom teeth and the top two are close. Those aren't tricks, but they took hard work, too.
-And tapping her mouth to make Indian howling noises (not politically correct)
-Clapping (so you cute because she squeals with delight as i say "Yay! Clap! Clap! Yay! Yay!"

And she also has been having more accidents as she tries to be more mobile. key word: tries.
-Yesterday she was playing with my old beenie babies and somehow pulled out TWO sewing needles and one was in her mouth...... lovely. Good thing Cody caught her putting something in her mouth. Chase and Cody kept saying she swallowed the third and we'd find it in her diaper tomorrow. NOT funny.
-About 10 minutes ago she was scooting (on her butt. that's how she moves around. we are working on with her to crawl or walk or army crawl or something but no cigar yet. she's the most immobile 9 month old i've ever seen.) anywho. she's sitting and scooting and leaning forward and  toppled over and her forehead fell into the corner of the tv stand in the office. so sad. she has a goose egg and i should take a pic of her first visible injury. but it's too sad.
wish i was in dc with the reunited fams
but i'm excited the texas fam will be here NEXT week!!!
mt. timp hike will happen. other surprises. and grant goes into the mtc for his mission to madagascar! crazy!!

I taught the sharing time lesson in primary on sunday and it was on temples and preparing to enter the temple, so i had a little temple square missionary scenario of how to prepare someone to enter the lord's house! it was a spiritual lesson for me. good reminder. 

D is on maternity leave so i've been working full-time at the storage unit, but we've still managed to squeeze in lots of fun. we went to seven peaks last night and capri was in heaven. 
her little leggings wouldn't stay pulled up- aka hello diaper!

Bc Capri has been sick lately, she makes this face A LOT- her "i'm too cool for you" snobbish face. hahahah. she's not unhappy but she's not her normal happy face. she just seems kind of stuck up. which is adorable on a baby. her standoffish face still melts my heart. i can almost see her rolling her eyes at me.  

Chase and I have our first Chuck-a-rama softball game tonight. Provo location vs. Orem location. I get to join bc I'm the spouse! We all have personalized t-shirts/jerseys. I am Lil-Mama and  Chase is Big Pappa! I love it! and the chuck wagon on the front! Ha! I am no softball player but it should be fun!

baby olympics

we love family activities.
this one was a strange one.
but very hilarious, to us.
chase won.
we bet on how fast capri could accomplish each sport/task.

(1) Emptying her bucket
(2) Grabbing the keys
(3) Jumping 30 times [feet off the ground each time]
(4) Eating 10 puffs
(5) Turning my phone's lock screen on

the home

For the past three weeks, my friend annie has come over and helped me with my house.
we have conquered one room at a time. it has been quite the project.
you see, my house is VERY small. no storage space. tiny tiny.
and it was overwhelming me. i will probably be in this home for the next two years and it needed some help.
i was holding out bc if the manager upstairs moves out, then i get to move up there. and it's >3 times bigger. but i like working with D and i feel that we will be a team for a while and she won't be moving any time soon. so i need to stop imagining moving upstairs and tackle my house.
annie comes from a family of profesh organizers and i needed a pair of fresh eyes that could just makeover my space.
even if it wasn't better, i just needed a change.
the space is so crammed, i needed it to feel new and fresh. but little did i know how much better annie would make it.
i shoulda taken before and after pics but i didn't. but here is my home now and it's in tip top shape!

The Living Room/Kitchen 
aka one room and the only difference is the triangle separator of tile.

there was a shelf where our wedding picture was and it was the main reason i started remodeling. it was a crowded mess and stressed me out. that bookshelf is now in our bedroom and it looks way more fresh.

the cabinets and fridge used to have stuff on them stacked to the ceiling- another stressful point. 
we have a storage unit and that is a more appropriate place for those items. 

Our Bedroom
Our bed used to be on the ground. The cinder blocks make me feel like a college student but it's working for us bc it creates so much storage space underneat! the only thing chase is worried about with all the changes: Chase is afraid he will get up in the middle of the night, bump the bed, knock it off the blocks, and i'll go crashing to the ground- that will make for a great story!

Capri's Room 
the baby has so much random stuff in her room, but we can't help that the washer hook up is in there and our food storage and games! she's a team player. 

The Bathroom

Now I can imagine having room for a second baby in this home! That comment was for Kelly's suspicions. xoxo!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

This song

Oh my word!!! Everytime this song comes on, I start laughing hysterically and belting along. 

Right from the start, you were a thief,
You stole my heart and
I your willing victim
I let you see the parts of me
That weren't all that pretty.
And with every touch
You fixed them.

Now, you've been talking in your sleep
Oh oh, things you never say to ME
Oh oh, tell me that you've had enough
Of out Love, our Love.

Just give me a reason, 
Just a little bit's enough
Just a second, we're not broken
Just bent we can learn to LOVE again.
Oh, it's in the stars, 
It's been written in the scars on our hearts
We're NOT broken
Just bent we can learn to love again.

I'm sorry I don't understand where
All of these is coming from.
I thought that we were fine,
(Oh, we had everything)
Your head is running wild again
My dear, WE still have everything
And it's all in your MIND.
(Yeah, but this is happenin')
You've been having real bad dreams
Oh oh, used to lie so close to me
Oh oh, there's nothing more than empty sheets
Between our love , our love
Ooooh, our love, our love.

Just give me a reason, 
Just a little bit's enough
Just a second, we're not broken
Just bent we can learn to LOVE again.
Oh, I never stopped
It's still written in the scars on my heart
You're NOT broken
Just bent and we can learn to love again.

Oh, tear ducts and rust
I'll fix it for us
We're collecting dust,
But our love's enough.
You're holding it in,

You're pouring a drink
No, nothing is as bad as it seems.
We'll come clean!!........

This is personal but i think we can all just embrace that.
I've been through a lot in the last year with my hormones. Very sick pregnancy. Welcoming an infant. Lack of sleep. Adjusting to post-baby life. Another pregnancy. Miscarriage. Getting back to normalcy again. Normalcy is a joke of word to me at this point bc what does it really mean?
My fav line of the above lyrics is the guy telling the girl that she has been having real bad dreams (bad dreams can really mess with my view of reality and trust.)
My dreams have really been crazy with each pregnancy. That's one of the reasons I knew I was pregnant the second time- I started having morbid, unfaithful, horrifying dreams.... again.

I was talking to my friend (name withheld bc I didn't ask for permission to share this) and we crack up because our husbands think that they each have the craziest wife out there. But really our husbands just see all of us and most people see our tamed, cordial side (if you can believe that. even my bestest friend, mother, or father haven't seen all of my crazy that Chase has embraced.)

Annie (diff friend) and I were talking about how we both went from school full-time and working multiple jobs to ---> graduating, quitting our jobs, and becoming stay-at-home moms ALL AT ONCE. We went from an intense out-of-the home life to a solitary life of motherhood cold turkey. It was an abrupt change and I've been more lonely than I care to admit and subconsciously that has caused me to lash out.

Yes, I have many girl friends, mom dates, and home visitors. But having 5-10 hours a week of social interaction vs. 90-100 hours is quite the jump. I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom. It just happens to be that the timing coincided with other chapters ending.
This big life change has been at the stem of a lot my emotional problems. Hormonal or environmental- either way I have been a nut job at times!

Chase knows just how to deal with my mental cracks. This song cracks me up so much because the woman is being an extremist and a drama queen (sound like anyone you know?). The man is trying to show her the light and reason with her. Welcome to the last year of any argument in my house. Poor chase. But also poor me. It has felt like my life was controlled by my emotions. Yikes.
I will not be on object that is acted upon!! I dislike victims! But it's been a battle.
The gospel in our life has been a true anchor.

Tuesday, Annie and I were also talking about how drama has NO place in a marriage. My whole adolescence and college experience was fueled by drama.
I loved the rush, the adrenaline, and thinking my life was so important and crazy.
But a marriage without drama is stable, peaceful, loving, and secure. I prefer those adjectives!
I'm not going to put pregnancies off just bc the crazy in me is more prominent.
I am just maturing and taking this transition with strides. I can squash fights, think logically, and resist the drama!

Being married is a hoot. Mixing kids into that formula is even more outrageous!
I am so grateful for little Capri, her dad & my husband, and all of our bonding experiences! Let's see how the next baby throws us more curve balls (p.s. i am NOT pregnant. just clarifying that.)

Monday, June 16, 2014

weekend compiled!

A weekend full of pics. I expect nothing less. Let's go from place to place, shall we!

Friday with the Ross fam
Friday night I spent the evening with some family at my Uncle Steve and Aunt Jeanna's abode! 
It was a splashing success.

If Capri ever disappears (a little too scary to joke about), I imagine my Uncle Steve would have gathered her up and taken her to his cabin and just hope I would move on! aka he LOVES her a lot and i can always count on his fbook comments on her every pic! And as we can all see, she loves him
  a lot too!

Capri was in heaven in the water! surprise surprise. 
I love spending time at my Ross's!

Demolition Derby
p.s. capri's new smile. hilarious.
i can't tell if it's cuter than her other non-squished-face one! 
eh!! not everything is a competition.
i sort of believe that. 

so Saturday, we went to the demolition derby. we were afraid of the loud noise for Capri's ears- but she slept like a baby during some of the show- so she was just fine :) we did put earplugs and tissue in her ear at two different times. she wasn't a fan. bring on the noise, then!

love this guy!
when we walked in and the country music was blaring and the daisy dukes and cowboy boots were flashing, chase leaned over and said "does this remind you of your indiana days?" hahaha. i guess i described indiana to chase perfectly ;)
it was strange for chase to point on so many peeps he knew from high school. i always forget his high school memories are down the road. 

the children even got into it. this was more safe and friendly than the other rounds! 
i actually really enjoyed the crashing, wrecks, fire, wheels flying, and havoc!

capri enjoyed it, too. it was SOOO loud and she woke up once the engines stopped roaring. chantelle did the same things. you crazy babies!!

Father's Day
i spent my early morning with this crazy haired lady. of course i let chase sleep in!

Capri had a lot of words for her beloved Daddy!

and I also have a few words for my daddy! 
Some of my favorite things about you:
*your sacrifice
*your love
*your testimony
*your quirks
*your jokes
*your outgoingness
*your stories
*your support
and the asterisks go on!!

For the past week, I've been having this weird stitch behind my rib cage on my right side. I couldn't bare it any more at about 3 am this morning. Google (yah i still do that) and my doctor (four hours later) this morning told me it could be a number of things. the pain was CRAZY. if it was any lower i would have declared my appendix burst and fallen to the ground for dramatic affect. but it was too high.
i couldn't inhale properly and no position brought relief. so i went to urgent care at the crack of dawn this morning, they poked, prodded, drew blood, and told me to go to a chiropractor. i was HOPING it was a rib that had shifted and moved out of place- bc that would be the best case scenario over all the scary concerns the doc threw at me. but i couldn't imagine a rib would cause such deep internal pain. and LUCKILY it was two dang ribs! the chiro said the ribs have been out for some time (longer than i have felt the pain of their displacement) and the tight muscles, nerves, and irritated organs in that region were causing the gut-wrenching (literally) pain. she said she sees this most in mother's with babies between the ages of 6-10 months. it all catches up to them: the cribs, carseats in the back seat, bending over to get them, nursing, etc. 
so it's all back in place now and it should hopefully feel better in the next couple days. here's to hoping. she said i must tell my husband i need a professional massage. doctor's orders. we'll see if chase falls for it! i hope so!
 also i couldn't shower the last two days (i can't lift my arm above my head) so that's grotty. i'm only telling you this to justify the pic you'll scroll to at the bottom. it wouldn't be so bad except i was planning on showering sunday morning bc it had already been two days. but the pain was too much. correction- i showered but couldn't wash my hair. glad that's clarified. and tending capri has been interesting. but i'm on the road to recovery and the chiro popped 4 upper vertabrae back in place, too, so the daily  tension headaches should cease! two birds! one co-pay! she said the part of the spine in my neck was twisted to the left in an extreme way she rarely sees. lovely. anywho- i am now a fan of chiropractors- even if the popping (esp of the neck) was shocking to the ears!
and my beloved lauryn came to help with capri at the doctors. my chiro was around the corner from her so we stopped and played a bit, too. i love her welcoming home!
always the center of attention

the beauties

the beauty and the grease nugget. 
well that summarizes my weekend. tmi. random. fun. overload. classic.