Wednesday, June 11, 2014

camping with capri and friends!

Monday night, we had the best fhe- family camp out!! the whole family- aka capri came! i was feeling brave. we also had some fun friends meet up with us, too. i only have pics of the fam bam 
but i promise- cody, ciara, sydnee, april, spencer, ashley, clark, ali, and (another) chase were there too. 
it was super fun!
Skittle game (nasty!)
Scary stories
Fishing (we bought our own fishing gear and license this summer. chase is obsessed) 
A dang ember floated up my sweat pants. I flapped it (aka fanned the ember and it caught on fire even more) trying to get it out and I was dancing around as i freaked out- i got a second degree burn on my calf and ankle..... lovely. Everyone else had a good laugh though.
Capri LOVED the mountain air and being the only baby who got every one's attention. 
Reading (ps my sister has read over 600 books the last two years. don't even ask me how she's done it. she explained it to me but it still seems impossible. anyways- she gave me the BEST book list and i've been loving all her recommendations) 
And enjoying the great outdoors!!

took a stroll around the lake with Capri- she's in heaven in her new carry thing.

camping with an 8 month old means she wakes up with the sun. Hello 5 am!! 
She actually did AWESOME sleeping through the night while camping- but i'm the paranoid mom who was scared she was freezing in her pack-n-play (Her nose and hands were always warm but I wasn't convinced) and couldn't sleep until I finally grabbed her and put her in my sleeping bag with me. Then I slept with a little more reassurance. She slept like a champ- hopefully next time I can sleep with confidence as she pac-n-plays it. 

She was all smiles!!

she puts up with so much!

her latest habit. she scrunches her nose, squints her eyes, and blinks at you when she's smiling. 
like she knows she's working the camera. sydnee discovered this talent. 
chase just got her up from her nap five minutes ago and she's doing it like crazy to me as she sits and watches me blog! ha this goon! 

We had an awesome time and I can't wait for more camp outs!!
Utah is such a beautiful state and I love taking advantage of it this summer!
My baby needs to be fed- so I'm out!!

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