Saturday, June 28, 2014

Elder Grant Schroedter

A week from now I will be hiking Mt. Timp with the texas fam and others! They are coming in town to drop Grant off at the MTC and for a Ross reunion. I am going to miss Grant so much and am so excited for his two year mish to Madagascar to begin! Oh the stories and souls he will love!
Anywho- I am getting him pic frames together for his journey and I made one of Capri especially for him. She wasn't as cooperative today as she normally is during her photo shoots. But they were still cute!
The whiteboard sitting scene is now her signature look.
How this one was specifically dedicated to Uncle Grant:
White board message, Africa map, BYU fashion style (aka Grant's style), missionary badge, scriptures
if i'm being honest this is how most of the photo shoot went. 
this and her grabbing and smearing the white board. hahah. 
i was getting TOO frustrating. she's just a baby. and i am too controlling. 
let's just pretend she is praying.

she's always clapping

this one would have been ideal if she woulda done her cheesy big smile!

like i said. always clapping. 

Grant's fav aka what will be in the pic frame

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Hailey N said...

Isn't your brother still like 12 or something? Dang! We're getting old. Also, Capri is getting cuter (who knew that was possible?)! I love your posts with pics of her, which is all of them. So basically I just love all of your posts!