Thursday, June 26, 2014

funny man

this morning, chase got up with capri and let me sleep a few minutes longer.
then, i woke up and got ready for work. i'm guessing his jokes came from sleep deprivation. but nevertheless, he was cracking me up.

(1) Chase sings, "This is the song that never ends and it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing..... Help! I can't stop...... it, not knowing what it was..... Capri help me!!!......." and he kept doing this little skit over and over again.

(2) I sprayed him with my perfume as I was getting ready, and he turns to me in the most serious voice, "You did not just perfume me, did you? You know, Marissa, I've murdered people for a lot less." OPE! That took a turn.

(3) He attacks and wrestles me. Capri starts laughing from her high chair. I guess she knew we were joking.

Capri has been laughing a lot lately actually.  (even though she's been sick. see next post)
and she has new tricks.
-Saying hi and waving
-Covering her eyes when I say "Where's Capri? Peek-a-boo!"
-Blowing kisses
-She has two bottom teeth and the top two are close. Those aren't tricks, but they took hard work, too.
-And tapping her mouth to make Indian howling noises (not politically correct)
-Clapping (so you cute because she squeals with delight as i say "Yay! Clap! Clap! Yay! Yay!"

And she also has been having more accidents as she tries to be more mobile. key word: tries.
-Yesterday she was playing with my old beenie babies and somehow pulled out TWO sewing needles and one was in her mouth...... lovely. Good thing Cody caught her putting something in her mouth. Chase and Cody kept saying she swallowed the third and we'd find it in her diaper tomorrow. NOT funny.
-About 10 minutes ago she was scooting (on her butt. that's how she moves around. we are working on with her to crawl or walk or army crawl or something but no cigar yet. she's the most immobile 9 month old i've ever seen.) anywho. she's sitting and scooting and leaning forward and  toppled over and her forehead fell into the corner of the tv stand in the office. so sad. she has a goose egg and i should take a pic of her first visible injury. but it's too sad.
wish i was in dc with the reunited fams
but i'm excited the texas fam will be here NEXT week!!!
mt. timp hike will happen. other surprises. and grant goes into the mtc for his mission to madagascar! crazy!!

I taught the sharing time lesson in primary on sunday and it was on temples and preparing to enter the temple, so i had a little temple square missionary scenario of how to prepare someone to enter the lord's house! it was a spiritual lesson for me. good reminder. 

D is on maternity leave so i've been working full-time at the storage unit, but we've still managed to squeeze in lots of fun. we went to seven peaks last night and capri was in heaven. 
her little leggings wouldn't stay pulled up- aka hello diaper!

Bc Capri has been sick lately, she makes this face A LOT- her "i'm too cool for you" snobbish face. hahahah. she's not unhappy but she's not her normal happy face. she just seems kind of stuck up. which is adorable on a baby. her standoffish face still melts my heart. i can almost see her rolling her eyes at me.  

Chase and I have our first Chuck-a-rama softball game tonight. Provo location vs. Orem location. I get to join bc I'm the spouse! We all have personalized t-shirts/jerseys. I am Lil-Mama and  Chase is Big Pappa! I love it! and the chuck wagon on the front! Ha! I am no softball player but it should be fun!

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