Wednesday, June 11, 2014

june's bday

yes june's bday is in june. it's easy to remember. 
she had the perfect first bday party for her friends and capri was loving every minute- as you can see! 
great work, kirsten!
june is the one with the ducky in her mouth :) 
june is my sister's niece. kirsten (june's mom) and i are in a mommy group. kirsten's bro and my sis are married. hence- we have aubrey and andrew as overlapping niece and nephew. did you follow? anyways. little june turned one on sunday and her friend party was this morning! 
it seems like all of capri's friends are turning one and that means her first bday isn't far behind!!! i can't wait :) what a great year it's been. 

she knows how to smile for an iphone! she's well trained. 
what cute little swimmers!

how can i not be obsessed with my firstborn? 

what a little water worm! 

motherhood has been easier than i imagined with this laid back, chill baby cakes. i just love her! 

and happy birthday june bug!! let's have another year of play dates! 

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