Sunday, June 8, 2014

shelby's week!

This past week my sister and her kiddos stayed with us!! It was a FULL house (you know what i mean, if you've seen my house) but it was FULL of fun!! I actually really was relaxed and enjoyed my time even with the close quarters. 

Some funny moments:
When Shelby and I were walking to the car, I said "Oh man. I haven't been running or working out while you're here. I really want to. Maybe I will tonight when the kids go down."
Aubrey chimes in, "Aunt Marissa, you probably haven't been working out because you really don't want to." 
Ok four year old genius! She sees right through me!

Andrew's "Aunt Marissa" really sounded like "Assa" so that was fun.

I was putting Capri down to bed and came out and started playing with Aubrey. Then I went to take the trash out. I came back in and Shelby told me Andrew had walked right into Capri's room. Leaned against her crib and shouted HI BABY!!! Well that woke her right up. Oh children! 

Andrew was obsessed with Chase (just like he was on their visit last summer.) When Chase was gone he'd always look for him and/or want to wake him up and repeat "Chase? Chase?Chase!" 
One morning, he woke up at 5 AM and all he wanted to do was see Chase but shelby wouldn't let him leave the room until it was a more reasonable hour and he was just in the bedroom crying for Chase! 
Chase is such a kid magnet. 

Capri has a cold. All three kids were in the backseat. Capri would sneeze. Snot would be all down her face, mouth, chin, shirt. And Aubrey and Andrew would scream, "She's eating it! She's eating it! Stop, baby! Gross gross! Ewww! She's now licking it. She's now touching it with her hand....." (we would get a play by play) and it would go on like this (multiples times every car ride) until we could pull over and I could wipe her nose. We would crack up every time we heard Capri sneeze bc we knew the kids were about to freak out and Capri was going to have a tasty snack. 

I can't even remember all the funny moments, I can just remember looking at Shelby (bc one of the kids said something outrageous), cracking up, and laughing until my side hurt. Kids say the darnest thing! I wish I woulda wrote them all down. But i'll fill the rest of the deets in with pictures. 

I had such a great time and so grateful to have a sister who comes to visit and stay with me and we can share motherhood and life together! 

We crammed in so much even around my work schedule. 
Splash pad. Seven peaks. In-n-out. Slip-n-slide. Bluffdale. Shopping. Shopping. Shopping. The Habit. Games. Meals. Picnics. Parks. Sonic. The Library. Walks. Golf cart rides. Etc!!!

They both LOVE swings. there was one available. hence. andrew wasn't as thrilled as capri! hahaha. 

splash pad babes!!

golf cart rides. a constant request. 

this is for you mom!!! and as you can see aubrey shares your same fear. 

seven peaks fun! best buds!

baths for these active kids for sure!!

capri missed them so much yesterday (especially.) as soon as they left and the house was quiet, she was a lot more fussy and needed to be entertained constantly! 
the whole week any time she fussed aubrey would say, "don't worry i'll distract her!" 
it was so cute. but now it's up to me to distract her! 

one work shift i had them all in the office by myself (while shelby napped) and even kalel came down. and the play area was packed, loud, and hilarious! they were fighting monsters and andrew thought it was so real and monsters were really coming, that he would start crying and hiding and that made capri freak out- and aubrey and kalel had a good time. 

saying goodbye was so hard and i choked up when aubrey started crying as she got buckled up in her car seat! 
these are some great kids with an awesome mom and i'm glad to call them family!

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Kina Lambert-Anderson said...

Life has been so hectic lately I haven't been able to stalk your blog like I usually do. It took over 45 minutes (lots of video) to catch up - but I loved every minute of it! The highlights were definitely anything Capri related (who looks EXACTLY like you - kinda freaky!!!)Awesome work on the running - keep it up. I'm failing miserably at my marathon quest, but there's is always next year... or the next, or the next - and then maybe you can do it with me :) I miss those good 'ole days of camping in a tent, and totally take Capri next time. I was 3 weeks old when I went on my first camping trip! I miss you and love you guys. Peace out.