Thursday, June 26, 2014

sick baby

Last Friday night Capri started puking everywhere. Oh it was horrifying and so sad. It reminded me of my pregnancy sickness. Throwing up so much you can't get in a breath and it's just repulsive. 
That first Friday night, she woke up every 45 minutes from 9 pm-7 am choking on her vomit. So i'd sprint in there and wake her up and get her vertical. so that was fun. And all she wanted to do was cuddle, and i would try to turn her away to vomit on the tile or the towel so her vomit wouldn't get on me. But she just wanted to hold me tight around the neck and just end up vomiting down my shirt. Lovely. But if it made her feel better even the slightest- i didn't mind. 
The good news is is that she hasn't thrown up since Tuesday and I gave her 2 oz. of formula this morning to test the water and she kept it down so i hope that means it's over. 
We took a lot of baths this week- which she was in heaven with- and she needed lots of cuddles-which isn't normally her style. 
Her diet has been applesauce, bananas, rice cereal, bread, and pedialyte. I swear she's lost weight but what could I do?!
This poor baby has been sick for almost a month!
3 weeks of a runny nose, cough, and cold.
2 weeks (overlapped one week with the cold) of a double ear infection.
1 week of vomiting.
3 different sicknesses that covered a month's time. Poor baby. Poor parents. But mainly poor baby. 
maybe she kept throwing up so i would give her more baths. sneaky baby.

since i've been working both shifts at the storage unit for D's maternity leave and Capri would cry when i wasn't holding her and i was a sucker for her whining bc i knew she was just miserable and sick- i had to resort to holding her like this most of the day bc my arms were sore. ha! i felt like i was pregnant with all her weight in front of me and tottering around showing people units and what not. i need to hit the gym harder obvy. 

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