Thursday, June 26, 2014

the home

For the past three weeks, my friend annie has come over and helped me with my house.
we have conquered one room at a time. it has been quite the project.
you see, my house is VERY small. no storage space. tiny tiny.
and it was overwhelming me. i will probably be in this home for the next two years and it needed some help.
i was holding out bc if the manager upstairs moves out, then i get to move up there. and it's >3 times bigger. but i like working with D and i feel that we will be a team for a while and she won't be moving any time soon. so i need to stop imagining moving upstairs and tackle my house.
annie comes from a family of profesh organizers and i needed a pair of fresh eyes that could just makeover my space.
even if it wasn't better, i just needed a change.
the space is so crammed, i needed it to feel new and fresh. but little did i know how much better annie would make it.
i shoulda taken before and after pics but i didn't. but here is my home now and it's in tip top shape!

The Living Room/Kitchen 
aka one room and the only difference is the triangle separator of tile.

there was a shelf where our wedding picture was and it was the main reason i started remodeling. it was a crowded mess and stressed me out. that bookshelf is now in our bedroom and it looks way more fresh.

the cabinets and fridge used to have stuff on them stacked to the ceiling- another stressful point. 
we have a storage unit and that is a more appropriate place for those items. 

Our Bedroom
Our bed used to be on the ground. The cinder blocks make me feel like a college student but it's working for us bc it creates so much storage space underneat! the only thing chase is worried about with all the changes: Chase is afraid he will get up in the middle of the night, bump the bed, knock it off the blocks, and i'll go crashing to the ground- that will make for a great story!

Capri's Room 
the baby has so much random stuff in her room, but we can't help that the washer hook up is in there and our food storage and games! she's a team player. 

The Bathroom

Now I can imagine having room for a second baby in this home! That comment was for Kelly's suspicions. xoxo!

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Kelly said...

are you pregnant????????????