Monday, June 16, 2014

weekend compiled!

A weekend full of pics. I expect nothing less. Let's go from place to place, shall we!

Friday with the Ross fam
Friday night I spent the evening with some family at my Uncle Steve and Aunt Jeanna's abode! 
It was a splashing success.

If Capri ever disappears (a little too scary to joke about), I imagine my Uncle Steve would have gathered her up and taken her to his cabin and just hope I would move on! aka he LOVES her a lot and i can always count on his fbook comments on her every pic! And as we can all see, she loves him
  a lot too!

Capri was in heaven in the water! surprise surprise. 
I love spending time at my Ross's!

Demolition Derby
p.s. capri's new smile. hilarious.
i can't tell if it's cuter than her other non-squished-face one! 
eh!! not everything is a competition.
i sort of believe that. 

so Saturday, we went to the demolition derby. we were afraid of the loud noise for Capri's ears- but she slept like a baby during some of the show- so she was just fine :) we did put earplugs and tissue in her ear at two different times. she wasn't a fan. bring on the noise, then!

love this guy!
when we walked in and the country music was blaring and the daisy dukes and cowboy boots were flashing, chase leaned over and said "does this remind you of your indiana days?" hahaha. i guess i described indiana to chase perfectly ;)
it was strange for chase to point on so many peeps he knew from high school. i always forget his high school memories are down the road. 

the children even got into it. this was more safe and friendly than the other rounds! 
i actually really enjoyed the crashing, wrecks, fire, wheels flying, and havoc!

capri enjoyed it, too. it was SOOO loud and she woke up once the engines stopped roaring. chantelle did the same things. you crazy babies!!

Father's Day
i spent my early morning with this crazy haired lady. of course i let chase sleep in!

Capri had a lot of words for her beloved Daddy!

and I also have a few words for my daddy! 
Some of my favorite things about you:
*your sacrifice
*your love
*your testimony
*your quirks
*your jokes
*your outgoingness
*your stories
*your support
and the asterisks go on!!

For the past week, I've been having this weird stitch behind my rib cage on my right side. I couldn't bare it any more at about 3 am this morning. Google (yah i still do that) and my doctor (four hours later) this morning told me it could be a number of things. the pain was CRAZY. if it was any lower i would have declared my appendix burst and fallen to the ground for dramatic affect. but it was too high.
i couldn't inhale properly and no position brought relief. so i went to urgent care at the crack of dawn this morning, they poked, prodded, drew blood, and told me to go to a chiropractor. i was HOPING it was a rib that had shifted and moved out of place- bc that would be the best case scenario over all the scary concerns the doc threw at me. but i couldn't imagine a rib would cause such deep internal pain. and LUCKILY it was two dang ribs! the chiro said the ribs have been out for some time (longer than i have felt the pain of their displacement) and the tight muscles, nerves, and irritated organs in that region were causing the gut-wrenching (literally) pain. she said she sees this most in mother's with babies between the ages of 6-10 months. it all catches up to them: the cribs, carseats in the back seat, bending over to get them, nursing, etc. 
so it's all back in place now and it should hopefully feel better in the next couple days. here's to hoping. she said i must tell my husband i need a professional massage. doctor's orders. we'll see if chase falls for it! i hope so!
 also i couldn't shower the last two days (i can't lift my arm above my head) so that's grotty. i'm only telling you this to justify the pic you'll scroll to at the bottom. it wouldn't be so bad except i was planning on showering sunday morning bc it had already been two days. but the pain was too much. correction- i showered but couldn't wash my hair. glad that's clarified. and tending capri has been interesting. but i'm on the road to recovery and the chiro popped 4 upper vertabrae back in place, too, so the daily  tension headaches should cease! two birds! one co-pay! she said the part of the spine in my neck was twisted to the left in an extreme way she rarely sees. lovely. anywho- i am now a fan of chiropractors- even if the popping (esp of the neck) was shocking to the ears!
and my beloved lauryn came to help with capri at the doctors. my chiro was around the corner from her so we stopped and played a bit, too. i love her welcoming home!
always the center of attention

the beauties

the beauty and the grease nugget. 
well that summarizes my weekend. tmi. random. fun. overload. classic. 

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