Saturday, July 12, 2014

2014 Ross family reunion

Every year we have a Ross (my mom's side) family reunion and a different sibling is always in charge of it. This year, my mom was in charge of it. We were all put to work and everything came together! A fun one for sure!
Chase and I did all the games and activities.
Taryn and Tay did the little kid craft.
And Mom and Dad did everything else (aka a lot of work!)
But it was a smashing success!!

And we are exhausted. Chase, Capri, and I all took a 3 hour nap this afternoon when we got home. With Mt. Timp, bubble ball, working, and three days of outdoor activities- we were spent! But it was (once again) worth it!

canoeing, kayaking, jumping (attacking) fish, lake fun! 
with all four of us- the canoe was TOO deep in the water

 a little hawaiin charades. aka you spell words with your butt. so entertaining. i wish i had a video of lauryn doing it! she was the champion! 

the kiddo craft! and these cute twins!

chase was beloved by the younger cousins. 

slip-n-slide fun

and we did so much more!!!
the body hoola hoop
water balloon toss
capture the flag
the sign game
food food food
family bingo
the candy wrap
the scavenger hunt
the auction
three-legged race
family trivia

I feel really blessed for my family and our time together!!

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Mom said...

I love reading your blog and I love you!!