Saturday, July 12, 2014


A reminder: my parents came into town July 4th! and get ready for a blog overload. It's been a week of crazy fun! So we'll start with this post of all our family and friend barbecues. 

On July 4th, we of course went to a bbq, pool party, and firework fiesta at my aunt and uncle's. My parents made awesome time and got in at 12:30 pm! We rested up, chit chatted, snacked, played games, and drove up to So Jo.

she was so happy to see her texas fam pull up! as was i and as was chase. 
and i think it was a special present for grant that capri preferred him the best- since he won't see her for two years :)

with the cousin on the fourth!

and i'm hopeful that capri will be crawling by the end of this month! she gets into this position and takes one crawl and then flops. but progress, people!

Grant used my phone to communicate with his gf for those few days before he entered the MTC. Sometimes I'd get it back at just the right time and get to reply! 

Then Saturday we hiked Timp- that deserves a post all of itself. See next post. But then Sunday we went to my in-laws for a bbq and it was another smashing hit.
Ladderball and cornhole homemade- amazing! Thanks Dave and Julie for assisting Chase and I in our craft projects.
p.s. the night before my parents came, chase and i went up to his parents to work on our ladderball and cornhole. as i was sewing the beanbags.... capri found FOUR dead flies. one was in her mouth.  did she swallow others? i'll never know. it was my worst mom moment so far! oh the diseases! and the protein (silver lining). 
Anywho- the BBQ at the andersons.
Ribs, chicken, salad, veggies, etc.
And just great company! I'm lucky that my parents and Chase's parents love to spend time together!
Capri with her two grandma's.... but she obvy still prefers Mommy :)

and for fun. some pretty flowers from chase. 

her sunday best

Then Monday night we had a Bubble ball night. Once again another post.

Then Tuesday night we went up to Draper to our old Singapore friends (also named the Anderson's.) It was so good to see Christine, Jailen, CJ, Colton, and Crystal!! Once again- no pics. and we actually had Indian take-out NOT a bbq. But we looked through old photos and that was a trip! I was doing the duck face over 10 years ago.... it wasn't cool back then and it's still not cool. ha! And my parents over 10 years ago, too!

me, marie, rachel, lauryn
why do i still look 15 years old today?

the beautiful couple

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