Saturday, July 12, 2014

Grant enters the MTC!

This was a happy, sad, weird, amazing day!!! I am so proud of Grant and his decision to serve the Lord. I will miss him so much, but these two years are vital!
I am grateful to have the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ and that our church has full-time missionaries to share that with the world. I value my mission days so much and know how much they can change you and others. Grant is going to have the time of his life in Madagascar! I need to bake him some MTC treats this weekend! I'm on it!

face timing his sweetheart before he entered the MTC

his last selfie on an iphone for two years!

proud parents

the crew minus taryn (the photographer)

these two!! they both have a twinkle in their eye!
 i've melted- get a sponge to mop me up!

brothers! minus garr. 

and then things got weird.
of course they did.

and the world is so funny- 
bc grant's singapore friend Elder Brenner and our family friend we lived with in Indiana were his host and volunteer guide! What a small world!! 


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