Tuesday, July 22, 2014

i am 25.

this weekend was my birthday.
i just thought i'd tell you how old i am in the title for fun.
i often go to ppl's facebook and try to see when they graduated high school or wtv to calculate their age. i'm getting to the age where some people are touchy about asking how old they are. so i am a detective.
and some 25 year old look 15 and some 25 year olds look 35. so anyways- sidetrack.

this post is  a little about my birthday and  a lot about other things.

my parents left this morning and i miss them so much already. i plan to take a trip with capri this fall when chase is in school and spend some good time with them. but still. and at least i have new york on thursday to look forward too! every hour is planned out and we are stoked!!
and a birthday date with my cousin lauryn tonight!!
anywho- capri finally warmed up to my dad these last two days before he left. classic. ha. and capri was always whigging out and reaching for my mom. they are really great grandparents and my kid(s) are some lucky ones.

And now that I've complimented them so well- let's show some less perfect moments. I wrote some notes down of the funny stuff that has happened over the last three weeks. 

Dad: Michele, I love you so much. 
Mom: I don't get it. 
hahaha. well that's a healthy relationship! 
Mom explains afterwards that she figured he was saying that bc he wanted something..... hahah.

Grant told me that when you curl your tongue and pull it back in your mouth- that's how you make the three leaf-clover tongue thing. You know what I'm talking about? Anyways- so i've been practicing and sometimes i am ALMOST doing it.
One time as I was practicing, my mom just walks by and says: "You are NOT doing it. You are NOT doing it." what encouragement. 

We are watching the world cup. Brazil vs. Germany. One of the blonde German players was on the screen and Grant and I spoke at the same time. 
Marissa: The blonde is CUTE!
Grant: Hey, that blonde guy looks just like me. 
We look at each other. Awkward.....

Taryn and Caleb were changing in my cousin's hotel room and my cousin is on a tea-tox (detox diet with tea) and they were reading the ingredients and the first ingredient is GUN POWDER (no joke!) 
and Caleb says: You drink the gun powder and it blows up your fat! 

I give Capri bananas in her munchkin food feeder (google it). It's like a paci with netting. You put the food in it and then they don't choke as the food seeps through the holes. I mainly do it for capri bc she is weird about texture. She won't eat little bites of bananas but will eat the bananas in the food feeder. Anyways. 
Caleb looks over at her and says: What is she eating?
Me: A banana
Caleb: That's not a banana.
Maybe you had to be there but he was serious. He thought he had to tell me that the munchkin food feeder wasn't a banana......

I'm glad I will have these memories written down, even if they aren't that funny to you. Moving on. 

My mom gave me this game called "Telestrations" and it's basically the game pictionary and telephone combined. I'm obsessed. 
You are given a word. Draw it. Pass it to the next person. They write the word of what you drew. The next person draws that word. Then the next person writes what they see. And it gets all messed up by the end. Some serious belly aches from all the "talented" drawings and hilarious guesses. You must buy the game!
first I drew this. a platypus. right? chase guessed it right and wrote the word platypus.
dad drew this........

i think it was taylor next. who put beaver. valid guess for this masterpiece. 

then mom drew this......
a vampire beaver or squirrel.... she forgot what buck teeth looked like. aka mom's drawings are always the best. another round the word was bumble bee and this was mom's drawing........
no wings. no antennas. one of the easiest, most classic images and this was her best. (i show ppl on my phone) and you can always hear her in the background shouting..... well did dad guess it correctly or not? hahaha just bc my dad knew she was trying to draw a bumble bee doesn't mean the drawing was legit. it just means my dad knows my mom really well :'D

another great drawing by tar of a big horned sheep. i admit that that animal and specific label is a tough one.

and my cousin, bryan's picture of a wallpaper...... obviously the next person didn't stand a chance at knowing what this was. so they wrote hail storm. 

so we played a lot of games this weekend. had a fam bonfire last night in the canyon.
we also had my birthday and a family wedding this weekend.
saturday night, chase took me out for a nice birthday date. we had indian palace food. my fav!
walked around center street until our showing of Comedy Sportz started (it was my first time and chase and i were laughing hysterically the whole time and i even volunteered for a skit. we will be going a lot more often and invite some others for double, triple, quadruple dates bc we want everyone to enjoy! oh laughter and clean humor is a treat!) . we went to rita's afterwards for dessert and drove to a park and stargazed. 
thanks to my parents for babysitting capri.
also, on our walk along center street we also explored the new temple, a vintage store aka Unhinged (i got a spoon ring that i love!), 
and toured the nuskin building. we couldn't stop talking about the bathrooms. they had a thousand hi-tech features and they were just spiffy. 

chase did an excellent job on my birthday and i loved spending time with him

he wrote me a great birthday letter (this is a random text that i saved) but it went something like this. 

also- in my letter he was teasing me bc i have mentioned multiple times that sometimes i feel bad for Satan bc he can't repent and his future is super sucky. and i was laughing when chase read that part to me (he was complimenting my compassion and forgiveness) but then we got to talking and I said- i feel bad for God too bc I'm sure God still loves Satan and wants to forgive him but he can't because he has to abide by his laws and Satan knew all and still tried to break the commandments. and it got into DEEP doctrine and if you aren't LDS (mainly Shelby Yates bc i know she reads this)- then this will confuse you but in a nutshell= we believe Satan rebelled against God during life before Earth was created and God banished him. but anyways. for all you LDS (or non-LDS ppl too i suppose).... here is a question for you. Do you think God still has love for Satan? in a way a dissapointed father still loves his son.... let me know what you think. 
he also got me some flowers and this hand crafted jewelry box- he ordered it and it's coming. pics posted  soon i'm sure.

it was an awesome bday and i'm happy with where my life is at now that i am 25! a quarter of a century!

and my cousin got married on my birthday so there was good food, family, and dancing. a perfect birthday!
congrats bethany and charles!

and during the receptions is started pouring rain...... these knuckleheads made a pact to sit out the whole rainstorm..... ha.
luckily it stopped raining and they pretty much dried by the time we got in the car to go home. 

and some dancing.

and two videos of capri and her tricks. and proof of how much she was loving her grandma schroedter. 
and yesterday capri started playing peek-a-boo and covering her eyes and i'll video that soon and i'm definitely an obsessed mother. ok. i'm outie. 

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Shelby Alisa said...

I got mentioned in Marissa's blog! Thanks for the clarification, I remember a lot of what I learned with and from your family. (which I am very grateful for) Also I am super grateful you dont mind me stalking you and your family through your blog. I was super sad when I could access taryns anymore, its neat to see you all as adults. But I will say it doesnt seem right for you to be 25 but I shouldnt be 30 this year either...