Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mt Timp 2014

so.... my most active day since this hike two years ago. i'm sure of it. 
11 hours round trip. 
20 miles round trip.
with probably 1-1.5 hours of breaks in between and at the top. 
it was an amazing hike!
and i'm happy i could prove to myself that i "still got it"!

the crew minus me!
caleb (i'm in shock that he and my dad made it all the way to the top!! super shock!)
grant, clark, ashley, scott, dave, kina, dad, taylor, cody!

we hit the trail at 6:20 AM!

"it's tradition!" -ever after

the first water fall! where dad and caleb said they would stop. 1 mile into the 20 mile hike. dad kept telling caleb "just till the lake. just till the saddle." and before you know it- they were at the top!
my dad was really blessed with his knees coming down. 
and caleb was really blessed that his older sibling helped him down (he broke one of his arms last month and just got his permanent cast off two days earlier!)
i also really felt the power of Grant as a set-apart missionary on this hike. he was really kind to caleb and a strong leader!

if you look closely, you can see 10 waterfalls! beautiful!

and then we saw a baby moose. and we were terrified bc we didn't know where the mamma was! and then my father-in-law got a walking stick and chased it away. brave man. 

best friends.

they took a lil break while they waited for the rear of the group to catch up (aka cody and me!) 

because it snowed last month (in JUNE!) there was an extra amount of snow but it was beautiful and not too dangerous. except for one part. picture pending. 

at the glacier taking a break before the last two miles!

yeah we saw a lot of mountain goats!

the scariest part BY FAR!!!!!! this was a small ledge of ice and a cliff straight down..... probably 300 feet. aka death.


impressed with kina's fear of heights! she conquered them! but still stayed pretty close to the shack at the top! 

the stairmaster!


what a kind older brother

almost to the bottom!!

i really enjoyed this hike!! even though i got sunburned on the back of my knees- that was a first and the worst. and i am heavier than the other 5 times i've done it- i mentally did the best and was the most positive i've ever been! maybe i'll do this after every baby and get more and more in shape! a girl can dream. 

we went to chuck-a-rama after just like two years before. chase was working so he missed the hike- but he still saw the aftermath. why not go fill up on calories when you just burned a week's worth of calories?
if you want to come next time..... i can't even imagine hiking it any time soon so i'll get back to you. 

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