Wednesday, July 16, 2014


today i'm focusing on the sunshine even though my natural tendency is to be kind of crazy. (maybe i am pregnant bc i feel so nuts-o, but i hate that crutch. but then again- a girl can dream about the prego part. i don't want to know either way until after new york bc i don't need any excuse to feel plane or car sick.) 
oh these crazy emotions. i know they won't go away over night. it's been about 8 months of them encroaching on my sanity. but i feel better every time i conquer them. and i don't mean to alarm ppl by admitting i feel a little unstable. i just want to be too honest and share. so i will. maybe it will bring comfort to other women feeling that they're postpartum hormones are lasting forever or women who are trying to adjust to the stay-at-home life where they are alone 90% of the time. 
daily gospel time is a must. and i always feel more grateful after. so i decided to take visual pics of things i am grateful for.  
counting blessings helps. 
i love my sister's book list (it will take me five years to go through it) and i love going to the local library!
whoever invented the public library system = genius.
i also love reading books with annie or others at the same time so we can discuss. it's not an official book club but it works.  

grateful to chase, my aunt arlene, and steven for making this happen. we tossed our old futon (it has broken over 5 times) and got this beauty at DI. I'm in the process of deep cleaning it and we love it! 

grateful for capri's hearty appetite and the fact that her hair looks like a whale today.

i love getting calls from chase or cody to "hurry and look at your window" about this couple. 
i see them multiple times a week. they are always jazzy'ing around and headed for the gas station or to the park. I've been monitoring their patterns and they seem to ride around 2:30 and 6:30 pm. The man steers them both and they constantly pause to kiss and hug. Next time I see them I'm going to go talk with them. Why not?! 
And when I snapped this pic- Chase whispered, "it's just like our love." hahaha I don't know what that means but I think they're cute so I guess his comment was cute. 

getting this pic message from my brother. roller coaster ride at seaworld. :'D 
i received it when i was sitting in a chuck-a-rama booth alone with capri. i probably looked insane but i couldn't stop laughing. 
and chase wonders why the schroedter children fear roller coasters until they're about 15 or 16 years old. hence. 

last night we stayed up till past midnight looking at google maps. it was so fun to see where chase walked in brazil - we even saw two missionaries on the google maps but it wasn't him. he was even in that area when the map was dated and recorded. crazy! 
and then i showed him some singapore pics. this was my bff's house! oh mary, so many memories.

and good friends. old and new. it's important to have people you can relate with, laugh with, and feel validation from. 

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