Friday, August 15, 2014

Cheeseball pics!

yesterday i took oodles of pics and i take any opportunity to be a cheeseball. I thought they were all pretty cute so yah. this overload is happening.
i babysat the lil baby upstairs and it was 3 hours of "keep the baby away" from capri. this is how is started out... and it got more aggressive.
capri didn't understand the meaning of being gentle. She would giggle, laugh, and get so excited to be near the baby. And he mobility was a challenge. She can almost crawl up the couch now! People always told me that once capri started crawling i would bite my tongue for wanting it...... but i haven't gotten to that point yet! i love it more than i dislike it.
1. i am relieved to see her catch up at 11 months
2. it is so cute, esp how she'll crawl to anything soft and lay on it and snuggle more
3. she is taking leaps and bounds (pun!) with standing, walking on edges, and almost walking independently
4. no longer scared of the vacuum- she now chases it
5. she is even more entertained with all her explorations
1. her fav activity is lifting the toilet lid and throwing things in the toilet. i am trying hard to make it a habit to keep that door closed.
2. i need a baby gate and cupboard closing hooks immediately
3. a whiney shadow is often at my heels
4. her feet, knees, and shins are calloused and constantly dirty
5. she'll stand in her crib so going to sleep takes a lot longer

ok now all those pics i warned you about.
watch me clap, baby!

i will just look and not attack

mom! why do you keep making high pitched noises to get us to both look at the same time?

then a little baby whisperer action

haha! you can't reach me! -says the baby

capri is laughing bc she's so excited to see the baby.
which turned into a whine bc i wouldn't let her be too close to the baby.

later, we went to our proposal spot in salem! it was so fun and they even had a little beach at the lake in the summer. i hadn't been since february 2012! we are going back for swimming and summer fun. 

capri can make some of the best faces! 

i need to be the best mom so that capri always looks up to me :)

we know how to look cute!

and last night we had a reception in bountiful. i need to ask bri to send me all the pics we took there bc i have nada. but we stopped as a fam at the bountiful temple before and it was magical! and my sister celebrated her 9th wedding anniversary (crazy!) this week and she was married at that beautiful house of the lord!

this angel fit right in as we walked the temple grounds

i feel lucky to resemble this cutie

so grateful she is sealed to us


i wasn't as good of a photographer as chase. but she's still a daddy's girl.
she has one amazing dad. 

and a random cookie monster pic for you :) i sent my last mtc package to grant today! he leaves monday for africa! and capri enjoyed one of his cookies!

i've been feeling so blessed, happy, and at peace the past couple weeks. a good family vacation and family time can really do a woman good! 

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Deirdra said...

Capri is going to be such an AWESOME big sister!!