Tuesday, August 12, 2014

dance central!

our house has been a dance central lately!
thank you mom and dad for this perfect bday gift! the obsession is strong!

so happy that cody loves to play as much as me and dance dance dance until we unlock the next level and the next and then the next. dedication!

and then steven became just as much of a fan. steven is so precise and hilarious when he dances. concentration. he's getting so good that he may be reigning champion soon. i need to step up my game! 

this pic is just proof that steven has found a genre where he can beat bri! dancing!! 
having your girlfriend kick your butt all the time at any activity was destroying steven. well not anymore! 

and now for this little one..... oh i just thought she was the cutest this day! 

my little popsicle eating her first popsicle!
and this little one is a HOOT when we play/ exercise to the game, dance central. 
she stands up and bounces along. puts her hands in the air. rocks her head. i cannot wait for her to perfect her moves. i love this tiny dancer! 

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