Thursday, August 28, 2014

my HANDIcap

so this happened over a week ago..... i got my stitches out today. i'm still a wimp and cradle it. i have to go back in two weeks so they can take an ultrasound and check there is no more nerve or tendon damage.

cooking 101:
when getting the avocado pit out of an avocado, do NOT hold the avocado and stab it. you will stab more than an inch into your hand. no duh.

so i did this at about 5:15. i was having a dinner party at 5:30. 
p.s. thanks for coming over j&k&j
with the bleeding under control and my husband taunting me to be tough, i sucked it up. 
but by the next morning, my range of motion, pain, numbness, and swelling was too sketchy to ignore. 

but of course i waited until after my shift

so i went to the doctor. they numbed my hand, fished around (found a nasty blood clot and two pieces of avocado skin- classic), and flushed it for infection. i'm on antibiotics, up to date with my tetanus shot, and on the road to recover!

i'm a survivor (and a dramatic one at that)
i watched capri and the neighbor baby friday (overnight) and saturday with one hand! but that was cake compared to showers and the dishes.  

end of that story.

and i'm happy to be back in a routine with annie. 
this pic was snapped when annie was babysitting the munchkins. what dolls!!!

and has anyone else been getting missed calls from the #4? .... i have.....

her newest reaction to whitney

i'm still scared for this payback. 

you must teach children to love themselves at a young age. 

precious time with this giggler

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Hailey N said...

Those 2 in the bath are so cute, my heart cannot handle it!