Thursday, August 28, 2014

payson canyon

we went camping up payson canyon and it was BEAUTIFUL! (and free and secluded and plenty of parking!) We are big fans now. So much so that we thought this would be our last camping trip of the season- but we are now determined to squeeze in one more before the snow comes!

we actually ate quite well and i didn't leave the trip feeling 100 lbs lighter. just 10 or 15 ;) tinfoil dinners, stakes, smores, treats, breakfast burritos, and what not!

some highlights:

  • playing password and cody saying "utensils" in a chinese accent to give the clue for chopsticks (def had to be there)
  • steven and bri pretending to be a bear in the forest. jeff and i checked it out. I had the lantern. Jeff had the gun. That was SUPER dumb of them, bc if you know jeff- you know that he would shoot a moving silhouette when in danger. oh my! and we can kinda laugh about it now. kinda. 
  • capri having a rough night and at 3 in the morning i sleepily suggested that chase go home with her..... so he did and came back in the morning. blurry nightly decisions!
  • telephone charades
  • never ever have i ever
  • heart to hearts
  • and angel babies that played hilariously together
they love each other

the site

the onesie couple

the mamma bears


close up

capri and jane are good friends. and were both awesome. watching capri interact with fellow babies at this age is the best. 

and when i went down for a store run. i had to go BAD. and i thanked the high heavens for this find in the stall. life saver. genius inventor. 

well that's all for now. campers out!

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