Thursday, August 7, 2014

summer fun

as we've been back to work and unwinding from our new york trip, we've been cramming in more summer fun!
we had a game night with the game crew sunday night and new couples, too! (can't wait for you to come back tuesday j&k and join us again. i've missed you ALL summer!!) which was awesome! we had six hours of laughter and games, games, games.
the only downside- when chase took capri to the doctor the next day (she had a weird rash in her diaper and on her limbs and around her mouth) and we found out she has "hand, foot, mouth" (why didn't i think of that? i though it was just eczema from her adjusting to utah's dry weather)..... sorry nichole! i pray chelsea doesn't get it, but with them both 10 months old (aka everything goes in their mouth) and sharing toys.... i don't see how she can avoid it. fingers still crossed though! that was a fun phone call to make. but nichole is soooo sweet that she brought over yogurt and popsicles (good for the baby's throats.) she's such a good example to me of always thinking of others.
capri is still doing well and we're pushing through this. and i have to be mia from all my friends with babies for a little bit so that's stinky.
we had another game night with cousins and chuck-a-rama friends on tuesday. another hilarious night. we even played red rover and i knocked bri into the bushes. she has battle wounds.
and yesterday we went to lagoon ( kelly was going to lagoon that day too, so of course i had to say hi. fabulous!)..... i admit i didn't ride re-entry (one of the rocket rides) but i did ride blast-off (the other rocket ride.) sitting at the top of the park and waiting for the workers to push the button at random to have you plummet to the earth.... not my cup of tea. i always freak out when i go on it and regret it when it's over. so this trip i vetoed it. but i did shock myself by going on the SKYCOASTER for the first time and i LOVED it...
even if i did shout "tell capri i love her, chase" while cody pulled the release chord. i don't know why i thought chase could tell capri that if i died, since he was right next to me and 153 feet above the ground.... but it was a great experience all around. with fun peeps!

cody, me, and chase were in one skycoaster group.
and bri and steven in another. 
and tyler stayed with our belongings. 

i'm glad chase loves working at chuck-a-rama so much and has made some good friends that we can hang out with and run around theme parks with. also had a blast bc cody could come!

 This morning chase said he felt like he got hit by a train. Well when you're riding rollercoasters for 10 hours.... that seems to be an appropriate consequence. and p.s. thank you julie for watching capri and spoiling her!

ok well it's almost closing time and i need to close shop.
this weekend is going to be full of wedding fun! future congrats michael and stephanie. and with it being michael's wedding, his whole fam from indiana is coming in town and i am STOKED to see amanda tonight... in less than an HOUR!!! one of my bffs!!! and finally meet her hubby. i haven't seen amanda in over two years aka she needs to meet capri and we need some serious catch up time!! lots to be grateful for in this post.

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Kelly said...

how is skycoaster less scary than the tower rides????