Tuesday, August 12, 2014

the wilder wedding

last week, i was able to spend some great time with the wilder fam! setting up for the wedding of the season, witnessing the wedding, and spending time with my second family was perfect! here's the wedding from my point of view via pics!
it was a beautiful ceremony with love, laughter, and memories. what a blessing.
the happy hip couple making their grand debut!
so happy for michael and stephanie! congratulations!
michael deserves all the happiness and a happy marriage- he's always been such an amazing friend and important guy in my life (and now chase's life too. chase loves michael like no other) and michael gave the cutest speech at the luncheon and publicly declared how he's never been happier and loves stephanie oodles! that is a successful start to a marriage. 

these two are important people! they're kind of a big deal :) esp to me!

the second fam! they are all amazing and loving and supportive and i'm lucky to know them!

wilder, wilder, wilder, wilder, wilder, merk

the struggle is real.

oh my!! marc photobombing- hilarious and creepy and i love it!!! it was a great day!

this pic cracks me up. so i included it with the good one. 
this girl is still the bff i've always loved. and i'm so happy we could visit and have three blessed days together. i promise i'll make it out to indi one of these days. hopefully over thunder weekend..... in the next five years! that's my goal. lame but realistic. 

i didn't take any photos at the luncheon or reception but it was just as glorious! thank you for letting me be a part of your big day, m&s!
enjoy that honeymoon!

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