Sunday, September 21, 2014

a great week

another great week in the anderson household.
except five second ago i just stepped on a toy and it hurt way more than it should.
but really.
today has been a great day and a relaxing, holy sabbath. the ogden temple dedication (i went to the 1 pm session- and apparently they have different speakers/program for the 10, 1, and 4 o'clock meeting!) and i was blown away by the personal revelation i received, the love i felt, the chastening i heard, and the spirit of the temple traveling through the broadcast! temples are such a blessing!

i feel so blessed that i am now over stepping on that dang toy.

well back to the recap of the week.

her hair do's always last about 10 minutes. a one year old with so much hair is CUTE.... but impossible since she doesn't listen to the word "no" or quite understand how i do not want her hair flopping in her face! but it's worth the challenge :) 

so lucky that my bestest friend cousin lives up the way (the highway!) 
and she's such a good role model to capri. and comfort to me!

and this goon has the WEIRDEST bucket list. one of his wants was to be MACED!! so yah. that happened. i was at work. i wasn't a part of it. i did not sympathize. but he's so happy that now he can "tell" people he's been maced. worth it? bahaha. his next want: to be tazed...... yah. that's my husband. but really. his quirks crack me up!

babysitting twice a week has become easier and i'm convinced i can handle twins! 
even though this has solidified my opinion that coordinating two nap schedules is a hurdle!

just found them hiding out in jodi's tent (where she naps) so i threw some toys in there and they spent the rest of the morning contained in the tent and having a great time! they are always passing toys back and forth to each other. so cute!

this should go with capri's bday post- but she got this present early so voila! 
aunt tracy and uncle troy got it for her- thank you thank you. 
chase has now seen how a little baby really can have toy preferences. 
you'll always find this little one burying her face in her unicorn or lounging about. 

my little chef. or hairdresser. 
she left this on longer than she leaves her ponytails in!

and i ended the week with my beloved tonya. she flew in from indiana and spent the afternoon with me before she headed up to idaho! i lived in indiana from 2nd to 4th grade and 10th grade to 12th grade. she has been such an influence! 
in my primary days and even more during my high school days. our bond, love, and friendship really enriches my life. 
i didn't grow up around family- so my family friends have really filled my heart with an everlasting friendship. we talked for HOURS and it made me miss seeing her every week and my old jeff ward. 
she helps me understand and be my best self in motherhood, discipleship, marriage, and every aspect of life. she is such a superhero in my eyes!
i love you so much, tonya! thanks for making my whole week!

these perfect babies

she's really into wrestling these days! esp with her teddy and fellow babies!

she used to pivot on the ground in circles for MONTHS since she was a late crawler and so immobile. caught this on video bc i fear she will soon outgrow her pivot. 

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