Sunday, September 21, 2014

Capri is ONE!!!!

I cannot believe this sweet angel has been with our family for a year! 
And I have thought multiple times this weekend, "Where was I a year ago?"
-swollen and miserable
-in pain
-crazy pain
-more pain
What a blessing for the gift of motherhood! No sarcasm! Really!

Well we started off the day just Capri and I enjoying the morning. Then we picked Chase up from his medical study, met friends and family at the zoo, had dinner at Blue Lemon, and presents at her grandparents!!!
THANK YOU so much for those that came and celebrated Capri's day with us! And for all the CUTE CUTE presents!!! clothes, toys, food, drinks, more toys, books, new carseat, etc!! She is one loved princess!!!

every animal growled according to capri and she was actually pretty into it!
esp at the bird show!

don't let sarah fool you. both her AND ciara were taking selfies (a thousand times) as this lion walked back and forth. 

i really love this pic. for obvious reason.

blurry but full of loved ones.

a lil family shot. capri was terrified of the statue animals. baby logic!

all gathered for cupcakes!

some of the zoo crew

this present from kelly was especially creative. grandparent puzzle and family puzzle!!! i'm really excited about it. so is capri! 

this was prepping her for mega cupcake that grandma made her

back at grandma's. 

all she would do was poke it. it is destroyed bc chase and 
i smudged it around and tried to get her excited about the cake. she LOVES chocolate and sweets- so i was so sure she would dig in. 
chad was extra disappointed bc he wanted charlotte to be into it her first birthday and then chantelle and now capri.... they were all too overwhelmed and let him down. so he showed them up....... 

i put all this cake on her face and tried to capture the staged moment. 
she's still as cute as ever and now i have a ONE year old!!! what a great day. 

Happy birthday, sweet girl!!!


Kerri Andersen said...

sad i couldnt be there...and kelly is SO CREATIVE with that gift. how awesome! how did she do that?? wow. also i think it is so funny how chase is secretly totally romantic and sappy but at parties he always acts the opposite. oh boys... ;)

Mom said...

Happy Birthday!! Sweet Capri!! I love you. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you all. See you soon.