Saturday, September 6, 2014

family & friends

i've had a great week and of course i have oodles of pictures.
this week i started babysitting baby jody on a regular basis while annie teaches at byu. she has her dream job and i have the pleasure of watching capri and jody play. it is a crack up!
so i always growl and chase after capri, and now she does that to jody. Jody tires of Capri more quickly and ends up peacing out- and you'll find Capri nipping at her heels and growling so cutely as she chases her.
If they are in the car together, you might also find them holding hands in the backseat. I die of adorableness.
You can find them comforting one another if the other is crying.
You can find them sharing food (from each other's mouths) and swapping toys. These two are such dolls! Ok enough rant.
I've also been up to family barbecues, night walks, temple nights, receiving packages, risk battles, and spending all day yesterday at annie's crafting and preparing healthy meals! Annie took me to costco- sometimes i want to renew my membership but then i remember how much i would always lay down there and didn't actually need most of it. that's how they get me! anyways. i made ziploc baggies after ziploc baggies of smoothie's ready for the freezer and ready to be blended. i hope this good habit sticks :) I've been doing pretty good at my healthy eating this week but i need some more practice and conversion for how easy and healthy of a breakfast it is. anyways. i'm just talking too much. let's look at these pictures.
jody always has to do things the difficult way.
"why are our mothers screaming and waving their arms in the middle of costco?" -babies
anything to snap a pic!

babysitting havoc

so chase started snapping pics of capri's duck face. fabulous. i followed suit.

i got the most surprising and sweetest package from a high school friend. CHUCK FULL of 18 months clothes for capri and they were soooooo cute. it was a heavenly gift and it was so generous and above and beyond. thank you so much, mallory!!!!!

classic night of risk at our house. i didn't speak to chase for quite some time after this game blew up in my face. this happens every time! the ONE day that i win- i will write the most victorious blogpost!

the family barbecue with delicious food, horse rides, and hikes!

a temple date was much needed. 
the spirit at the temple is hard to compare. overpowering! in the best way. 

a lil canyon walk one evening. 

well i'm over and out! more tmi later!

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