Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Family photo sesh

Thank you SOOOO much Chad and Kina for snapping our pics last night! You did amazing work! Thank you thank you thank you.
Chase has part 2 of his medical study tomorrow, so I realized if I wanted to load/blog these pics then I needed to do it today! (he takes the computer) and my mom requested to see more. so VOILA!
i am going to put three of these pics on the wall- which ones are your fav? i pretty much have already decided my fav- but still- i may let your opinion weigh in!
Capri turns one on Saturday and we are sooo excited! Unfortunately, getting good light (evening) does not equal good moods for a baby. But capri did her best and the pics are still to die for! Good thing I have a million other photos to show Capri so I can prove to her that she's the smiliest and cutest baby!
Enjoy and judge! I encourage it :)


Kelly said...

i feel like the judging comment is directed toward me? but i can find nothing to judge. perfection! you are on hot mama!!

Mom said...

I loved them all and need copies immediately!!!