Thursday, September 11, 2014

the single-mom life

this weekend chase was a part of a medical study that paid BIG bucks :) so capri and i were living the single-mom life. we packed in a lot of fun and didn't have much time to miss chase- but we still did of course and face-timed him :)

sunday was chad's bday celebration and i really love my in-laws and kina's family, too. i always feel welcomed, loved, and we have good laughs! i didn't get many pics but here you go.

Ciara is such a sister to me and I love her so much.

this pic is a hot mess but i LOVE It!! 

capri kept getting stuck between the two couches. she would just push on and hope her head would shrink and she could ventually fit. haha not the case. that cutie! 

i fed the missionaries one night. missionaries can be so awkward but i appreciated their spirits. 

i watched Bach-in-Paradise finale of course. I like Michelle and Cody too much. and hey they now live up the road. 

i also took a day trip up to see kelly at the new station park mall! it's amazing!! we had fun at the park, having lunch, and shopping! reagan was loving capri and capri was loving daryn! it's fun having kids that play nicely together. 

Reagan was so sweet to share her seat in the double stroller! since i spaced it and forgot my stroller. 

i was often redirecting capri's hands as she was pestering that precious daryn baby. 

i met this chick 7 years ago! she has really taught me a lot about being a great friend. 
and that photo bombing capri resembles chase a lot in this pic. 

capri and i had a great time together and sending daddy pics, videos, and funny texts! he missed his girls and we love having him back home and the extra mula!

 don't mind the acne break out- i'm on hormone medicine bc of miscarraige side effects STILL and it's brutal (it looks like the repercussions of a miscarriage are far reaching and six months lasting.) 

and don't mind all the videos :) chase loved gettings videos of capri and i think they're cute.... so voila!

and don't mind my baby voice. you're welcome, shelby! 

a lil talker just like yours truly

she's a smartie pants and great at copying and learning new tricks. 

this disobedient cutie

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