Friday, October 24, 2014

texas getaway

"so marissa, why are you in town?" asked everyone.
"oh my parents really wanted to see capri. and i was the person's lap she sat on during the plane ride," was my truthful reply.

For whatever reason, I was happy to be invited.... it was an awesome trip! 
It's been a long day getting back in the swing of things here and work and life. So let's recap quickly! and get the pictures rolling!

Early flights!  
Family time.
The midnight Peanut butter factory shift for the church. 
Seminary wake up call (my parents calling)- i don't miss it waking up capri! but i do miss the spirit of seminary!
Outdoor walks and fun.
Moving Garrett and Kristi into their new place. 
Caleb's soccer game. 
Lunch with friends. 
Hair cuts.
Evenings with friends. 
Hide and seek.
Millie games.
Lots of dancing and singing!
BYU football game.
A lot of practice with Capri's walking. She's pretty much there! 
Family friends. 
Primary program and church.
Skyping Chase. 
Brazos Bend. 
Caleb's Football games. 
Evening flight with two poopy diapers..... not easy in those lavatories.
A husband standing in the terminal with flowers waiting for his girls! 
The perfect icing on the cake!

Thank you so much Mom, Dad, Garrett, Kristi, Caleb, Jonathan, Millie!!!!! I had an amazing time and Capri had a great time. We miss you and can't wait for our next visit!! Thank you thank you thank you!

 woke up for her flight at 4:30 am...... even capri needs her beauty sleep :) 

looking my best to pack up that peanut butter. 
I'd been awake for almost 24 hours.

early morning walks with mom!

such a special place in my heart for this lil niece of mine

once again.... didn't really warm up until the last day with Papa..... and that was with the help of crushed ice and candy corn.
regardless- he is amazing!

 had a nice Sabbath

treasure chest.
yah...... :'D

highway robbery......... dani's highways are more like a scene from frogger!

i miss sharing a room with this love bug! even if that means she wakes up at 6 from the seminary hymns!

two beauties ready for the hot tub!

my hero of a mother! i strive to be like you!
happy birthday week! 

Brazos bend! apparently it's not Gator season but we still saw about 10!

those early mornings with the seminary kids in the other room!

she LOVED this pitbull mascot at cay's football game! 

capri is a mini millie. 
millie is a mini me. 
we love each other. 

i had an amazing time! and now that i'm an adult child of my parents.... going back home always causes self-reflection AND reminds me of my roots.
it was such a good getaway, AND i'm happy to be home!
Thanks again Texas fam! xoxoxoxo

now for an epic week of halloween and chase's birthday celebrations (yes, multiple!) 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

more fall nights!

i'm a blogging machine lately! apologies?
but what can i say- so many pictures to share.
yesterday evening, the anderso(e)ns hiked to stewart falls. it was beautiful, but we were almost too late! lucky we snuck in the hike! some trees are colorful and some are already winter dead!

we bundled up the babies and enjoyed the scenery and the easy hike!

capri was somewhat fussy, but i realized after the fact that she was probably hungry. (so we went to cafe rio with our gift card right after the hike- win win!)
also, i think she's too big for her backpack, too! i'm sure her legs fell asleep as she's dangling there. Also with  her length, it was a bad groin zone when chase tried to carry her on his chest..... tmi! but i couldn't stop laughing.
so i carried that sweetie on my back (because i couldn't see my feet and steps if she was on my front) and chase walked behind us and entertained her.

we enjoyed talking, playing word games, singing, and running into singapore friends on the way back!
j&k had to rush back to get a dinner to a family in need- those sweeties- but we enjoyed the hike there with them and the hike back where we were really able to slow down and take in those beautiful mountains.

the only pic jeff sent me of this fam. so voila. 

capri is more interested in the falls. she's smarter than us photo obsessed adults.

i feel like thanksgiving should be the next holiday! a lot to be grateful for! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

the best retro night ever!!!

last night, a lucky lucky group of us were able to go relive our mission days!

the real temple square sisters had a personal concert from david archiletta [ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so sorry dani! one transfer late!] and they asked rm's to come cover the square with their tags and wedding rings! chase tried to convince me to bring capri- but no! it was surreal as i was feeling like a single, childless, young missionary again!!

it was an incredible night. four specific groups of people that we were able to contact, hear about, refer, get referrals from, and enrich!
one struggling member
one rm who had to come home early
an afghani muslim family
& a member family from houson!!!

the night of a temple square sister is incredible! and you always seem to run into people meant to speak with you! and the spirit wants YOU as His mouthpiece! oh how i miss being a full-time sister! 
and was stoked to call dani and get her pumped for next month! she's gonna love her life even more... in 6 weeks. [can't wait to see you thursday when i come visit Htown!!]

it was amazing being with my fellow temple square sisters: some of us are married, have children, single, in school, getting our masters, dating, engaged, working full-time, elementary teachers, etc. 
We are all experiencing our own chapters of life but when we come back on the square: we are sisters and we are one! 
i know most of the sisters on the right. we're the OLD ones. i've been home for 3.5 years. crazy!!

anywho! i can't explalin to you the power of the square, spirit, god's diverse children, and those hallowed grounds! 

and i am one lucky chick bc this is sister andersen from denmark. 
she was in town for conference and happened to be here for this. 
i got to see her and be her companion for the night. 
we were roommates during my last transfer. 
she is one powerful, beautiful sister! i love her and am so glad we could be companions.

our lovely temple square! 
and the pin drop demonstration in the tabernacle!
so many memories!

at the end of our night. all smiles!

and then we snuck in after their event and i snapped this blurry pic! i was scared we were encroaching and breaking rules so i didn't get a pic with him. 
but that's okay- that's not what our night was about. 
what a perfect night. and i loved coming home and telling chase all about it, too. 


we had a great saturday at Jaker's farm in Springville! with Cody! Free and full of adventures! then came home and played Munchkin and watched Hocus Pocus! with Cody, Ashley, and Clark!
It was a great October night!
she seriously doesn't like pumpkins. and since i was dressed in pumpkin colors.... haha hoenstly idk what her deal was! 

capri was loving the petting zoo! but we passed on the petting!

is this not a beautiful time of year? everyone thinks so and for good reason!

 what a fun place! and what a deal!!! we love fun, fall, free activities!

cody's first corn maze! it took us a little too long to get through the maze! 

 it was quite the splendid evening!