Monday, October 13, 2014


we had a great saturday at Jaker's farm in Springville! with Cody! Free and full of adventures! then came home and played Munchkin and watched Hocus Pocus! with Cody, Ashley, and Clark!
It was a great October night!
she seriously doesn't like pumpkins. and since i was dressed in pumpkin colors.... haha hoenstly idk what her deal was! 

capri was loving the petting zoo! but we passed on the petting!

is this not a beautiful time of year? everyone thinks so and for good reason!

 what a fun place! and what a deal!!! we love fun, fall, free activities!

cody's first corn maze! it took us a little too long to get through the maze! 

 it was quite the splendid evening!

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