Thursday, October 9, 2014

Conference weekend

Conference weekend felt super special this october! I loved the messages (the ones I could focus on with a one-year old crawling on me and crawling away! i def need to re-visit them!)
Good times with friends (even though Chase had to work the whole weekend- it was for a good cause. Our friend [who always works at chuck] had a family tragedy and he pulled doubles.)

I'll just share one of the talks that really hit me- Bednar. He was telling non-Mormons why we are so eager to share the gospel with them. Even though he was "speaking to non-members"- it hit me hard on why I should do more missionary work and a specific WHO i should share it with. so i did! and it's going splendid!

so saturday when chase got called in for a double- i went up to salt lake and gave away our conference tickets and spent the sessions on the grass on temple square listening with baby duty! it was awesome and i had a great time with nichole's fam. and capri found a boyfriend.
a bunch of people snapped our pic- so i hope we're in the ensign! (the babies- not me!)

sunday we had the andersEns over and had a yummy breakfast. and watched more conference! and kerri foot zoned me- and i had some serious "evidence" that she unblocked my uterus and ovaries and maybe she regularized my cycle!! hahah tmi- but serious. footzoning- it's real. i hope it helps me get pregnant! if i do get pregnant this month- i will buy her a huge thank you present! if i have triplets- i'll give her one! bc i want twins.... ok too far. 

i can't wait for the ensign to come out! 
and for fhe- chase and i will watch an hour every monday! 
conference is gonna be in the andersOn ambiance for a while! 

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Mom said...

Oh, I just love you - you are such a hoot!!