Saturday, October 11, 2014

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i didn't ask for permission. but i'm copying my girl, cami's latest post. explaining what she DOES all day as a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom acronym of course!) i hope she's just flattered that i'm copying her ;) and i have had my own happy, annoying, and justifying conversations with others when they ask me that same question. so here i am showing my typical day!
disclaimer: i have mondays off, work half days the others, saturdays are way busy at the storage facility, and work all day fridays- so fridays are always a little busier than a typical weekday. i babysit jody on other days. i don't deep clean my house every day. i need to exercise more obvy. etc. so even though this is a "typical" day- know that i knew i would write this post... so i probably was EXTRA productive to show off.
and..... i like to get all my work done first so i can relax in the evening more!
and then i wasn't going to share this bc i thought it'd bore others. but then i thought how cami's didn't bore me- i loved reading it. and i took the time to keep notes yesterday of my time schedule- so i thought- eh screw it! i'm going to share it!


7:45 Capri starts stirring so I get up, get dressed, and check on K (the little boy upstairs) bc I was babysitting him this morning. Haha ( i'm a great babysitter I know). He knows to just watch TV and play upstairs until I wake up and come see him.
8:00 get Capri up, get her dressed, and put her in the highchair with some breakfast. and get out my frozen fruit and spinach for my smoothie.
8:15 start a load of laundry and finished getting totally ready. Also wake up Chase bc he has to take Annie and Jody to the Provo airport before he heads to school.
8:30 straighten the house and Annie shows up and I chat with her for a few minutes before they head out.
8:45 now that my fruit and spinach have unthawed some- i can blend it better. I hand one to Chase as he heads out the door and I grab Capri, put up the baby gate at the stairs, and walk out to the office to open up for the morning
9:15 check on K upstairs again. the office phone rings- run downstairs!
9:30 straighten my house more (also sidenote: chase stays up later than I do. i normally stay awake to see him when he gets home from work, maybe watch an episode of Criminal Minds together, and then i crash. and he unwinds and stays up another hour. so i don't really clean the house when i go to bed- bc i can't guarantee what it will look like when i awake. so i always clean it when i first wake up. sidenote over) and Capri plays with her toys
9:45 read books to Capri and K. switch laundry. and practice walking with Capri. K loves to hold her little hands as he walks her around the room, too.
10:00 Capri's 1st nap and play the match game with K
10:20 wait for K's bus and starts clean the office (whoever works the Saturday shift has to clean the office that week- it's saturday. I'm working- hence) and K was a great helper! Vacuum, sweep, mop, windows, counters, restroom, trash, etc.
10:30 still waiting for K's bus. and it finally comes at quarter till
11:00 sit down to relax. the doorbell rings not even 30 seconds later! a customer came in that was livid and yelled at me for 30 minutes but they left happy and we found a solution that worked for everyone.
11:30 try to sit again. turn on Gilmore Girls. Capri wakes up from her nap! switch laundry (the washer is in her room- so i have to work around her nap schedules) and snuggle Capri while we watch a few minutes of Gilmore Girls. so happy it's on netflix!
12:00 put Capri in her high chair for lunch and start deep cleaning the house (remember that my house is about 20 ft by 20 ft so it's not that impressive)
1:15 done with that and I put Capri in her stroller and we go out back to do our daily lock checks and I take her poopy diaper to the dumpster
1:30 switch more laundry, fold laundry, and put the new sheets on the bed
2:00 Capri goes down for her 2nd nap and Chase comes home from school. He shows me some things he'd like me to work on that evening for his business.
2:30 Chase leaves for Chuck and I get some lunch, read the good word of God, and relax some.
3:00 Two quick customers at the door and answered another phone call
3:30 Capri wakes up and I take her poopy diaper out to the dumpster
4:00 last load of laundry and work on my quietbook
5:00 put Capri in her high chair for a snack and K comes downstairs to play the xbox kinect adventure game and we read more books together. get a text from Nichole saying she can't make it for our walk to the park.
5:30 start closing up the office
6:00 office is closed and Capri and I head to the library
6:30 we go for a walk around the library area
7:15 get home and feed Capri and myself some dinner
7:45 Capri's bedtime routine and she's in her crib by 8 but for some reason wouldn't go to sleep until almost 9. *note to self: i gave her mac-n-cheese for the first time for dinner and maybe it didn't settle well. it would make sense bc it always hurts my ulcerative colitis. pay attention next time she eats that.
8:00 watch some Revenge and work on Chase's business while Capri cries it out and talks to herself in her crib.
9:00 read my new book until Chase comes home around 10:15. Give him a kiss, talk about our days, and I go to bed!

and start it all over again! what a happy life!
i started feeling lonely in the evening- which isn't all that rare (esp when i have those all-day shifts and don't get out much or see any loved ones). but i've been working on it for over a year now as i've adjusted to being a SAHM.
AND walking outside with Capri in the beautiful fall weather as I counted my blessings, it helped a lot!
i miss chase and have little time with him (as you can see) but i know he's providing and working towards his degree and tries hard to show special attention to Capri and I during those small windows.
AND we have a real treat tonight bc he works the day shift this saturday (which is also rare. for a weekend night!) so we have a whole evening together starting at 5 o'clock!!! we have big plans! and i am on shift to pass the time until then. ope- somoene just rang the doorbell! adios!

ok back from the doorbell ringing. 2 hours later! three different families came in and all wanted to move in. it was crazy for a second there! but i survived and capri wouldn't leave my lap with all the strangers!
well, gotta go do lock checks, put capri down, and obsess over gilmore girls some more!

i think this "what do i do?" exercise helped me see how much i do get done in a day! just like that popular film going around about the overworked, under appreciated, hard-on-herself mother!! life is sooo good!

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