Thursday, October 9, 2014

cornbelly's and preparations!

soooooo................ last night was amazing! i kept thinking "here is a reason i do not want to move away from utah. it's nights like these!" (which is very rare from me.) being around chase's family and having family nights and october in utah are some of my favorite memories!
we met at liberty land and used our seven peak food passes. we had dinner (which took forever to cook)- but also gave us time to rock climb, lazer tag, go boating, mini golf, etc! and the food was worth the wait!
p.s. anyone that has a pass of all passes- let's please go to liberty land. they have really done that place up and it's free!
then we went to cornbelly's!
preston (the nephew who lives in vegas) was in town so all the cousins were together and it was such a blast. they have really made cornbelly's the MUST-BE-AT place for halloween! in fact, if chase and i ever move away- we decided we're gonna come visit for halloweens rather than christmases. everyone is in agreeance.
sooo... i have random pics but at least i have some. people just text me the pics they took- bc i was way too busy having fun to snap pics! that's HOW fun it was! and since the haunted part isn't open yet (it was a really good price!) AND my lovely mother-in-law bought all the adults tickets on groupon for cornebelly's and the haunted part! so we can't wait to make another return and go back!
the kids were in heaven- even the one-year-olds!
anyways! these pics don't do it justice but last night was one of my favorite nights of this whole year! it was awesome!

all we need is bryton, cory and jessica to make us complete!

capri is ready for this cool fall weather

this was the baby's favorite hang out. 
choking hazard for capri (she only has two teeth)
eating hazard for channy (she has 9 teeth now? maybe 10)

how capri felt about slides........

aunt ci doesn't always torture her

then this happened! we both did surprisingly well! 
and in the words of myself during her first few weeks of life: "my crotch is on fire!" (to that tune you know of "this girl is on fire". you're welcome, mom!) i'm feeling it this morning. 
not as extreme though. of course.

lil cow ride through corn fields! 

and this was the very last attraction of the night- past her bedtime! cranky girls!

chantelle thought it was hilarious to make capri blind! our lil pirate.

the anderson cousins!!

and this is the preparation part! halloween night this year is going to be EPIC! chad, kina, and i got together and helped set up his yard for the big night! if you want your children to be terrified- come to chad's! where you can find a plethora of us hiding with scary faces, chainsaws, and other torturing devices! i'm excited to get in on this action this year!! 
kina and i worked on the fence- doesn't it look awesome?! 
the lil girls helped and sucked in some spraypaint, too. sacrifices! 
we really love halloween! and we are loving october!

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