Tuesday, October 14, 2014

more fall nights!

i'm a blogging machine lately! apologies?
but what can i say- so many pictures to share.
yesterday evening, the anderso(e)ns hiked to stewart falls. it was beautiful, but we were almost too late! lucky we snuck in the hike! some trees are colorful and some are already winter dead!

we bundled up the babies and enjoyed the scenery and the easy hike!

capri was somewhat fussy, but i realized after the fact that she was probably hungry. (so we went to cafe rio with our gift card right after the hike- win win!)
also, i think she's too big for her backpack, too! i'm sure her legs fell asleep as she's dangling there. Also with  her length, it was a bad groin zone when chase tried to carry her on his chest..... tmi! but i couldn't stop laughing.
so i carried that sweetie on my back (because i couldn't see my feet and steps if she was on my front) and chase walked behind us and entertained her.

we enjoyed talking, playing word games, singing, and running into singapore friends on the way back!
j&k had to rush back to get a dinner to a family in need- those sweeties- but we enjoyed the hike there with them and the hike back where we were really able to slow down and take in those beautiful mountains.

the only pic jeff sent me of this fam. so voila. 

capri is more interested in the falls. she's smarter than us photo obsessed adults.

i feel like thanksgiving should be the next holiday! a lot to be grateful for! 

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