Friday, October 10, 2014

one year check up!

this little growing girl had her one year check up :) and she's healthy healthy healthy!

things i need to work on in the next 3 months according to the doctor and myself:
* walking (practice practice practice! see the video)
*speaking (the doc wants 6 specific words ......that other people can understand, too! right now all she has is "dada" and "amen" and "what?" and "shake". and they aren't that identifiable to anyone but me.
it's so cute when the song "shake it off" is on- she sings to the chorus.
and whenever i say "capri? capri, where are you?" she will peak out and say "whaaa?" hahaha.
So in the next three months I'm working on a lot of words. But I've been practicing: mama, bath, up, walk, milk, please, thank you, night night, yes, & no.

i'm only really working on those two things. no need to put pressure on myself or capri!

anyway! what a happy, healthy girl! and she took the shots like a champ.

Weight: 20 lbs 14 oz (62% aka percentile)
Height: 30 in (70%)
Head: 47 cm (92%- good thing she was only 50% when she was born! Judas!)


Taryn said...

i'm so happy she is so healthy! i love that girl!

Mom said...

Love to read about little Capri!! So excited to see her and you in 5 days.